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Can't uninstall or update

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This isn't exactly new but it all hasn't been addressed.

I tried to update to the paid version. The version I had been using was dated 8-3-2009 and was version 2551. I entered my ID and Key in the appropriate boxes and started the Protection Module. I then clicked the update button. After downloading the latest updates I rebooted. The screens still said I needed to register and the database info was the same. I used Revo Uninstaller to start over with a 'clean slate'. I rebooted and Malwarebytes AntiMalware was back on the desktop with the same database info. Also, some e-mails I had just deleted were back and the e-mail I had received with my registration and receipt was gone.

I checked the Forums and used Windows Add/Remove and rebooted. The program was still on the desktop. I ran mbam-clean. A folder I had just created with version 1.41 and mbam-clean.exe in it was gone. The folders I had with versions 1.34 and 1.36 that I had previously deleted were back. I seem to be caught in some sort of loop.

I'm running Panda Internet Security but I disabled it before making any of these changes and it's set to allow the program to access the internet and make changes to my system.

I try to avoid being one of those people who scream "Your program hosed my system and it took me weeks to fix it" but there seems to be a connection as this all happened at the time when all I was trying to do was make changes to the Malwarebytes program.

Any insight will be appreciated.

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Arthur - I do have a ticket into the help desk but I wanted to ask on the Forums also in case someone had had personal experience and found a solution. I used both Revo Uninstaller and Windows Uninstall app. When I rebooted the program was back on my desktop and back in my Program files folder. I ran mbam-clean. When I rebooted it was still there. I have System Restore points and backups of my drives going back months. If you can't think of anything else I'll start working my way back to the point before I first installed your program and see what happens. I keep my important stuff on external drives so I don't think I'll lose anything, it's just a hassle. Thanks for your input.

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Arthur - I AM AN IDIOT! I was the victim recently of some kind of worm/virus/trojan attack and it really frustrated me. I've been experimenting using virtualization to prevent changes that are made to my system from being permanent. That program is still running in the background on my system. That's why nothing will 'stick'. (I woke up at 3:30 AM with that insight.) I think I'll try this again. Thank you for your help.

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