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We are using EndPoint Protection - Can I stop a scan that is in progress?

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I have two systems - one win 7, the other a win 10 laptop.  my scans are scheduled to start at 1:15am, and these two systems are still scanning. 

With the single standalone license, I could stop a scan / close the Malwarebytes.   How can I do this with the 'End Point Protection' license?

There has to be a way to stop the scan when it is Killing the user's system.

Thank you,


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Thank you.  I tried both your suggestions yesterday and neither would stop the scan.   I received the attached error pop-up when trying to stop the MBAMservice, I did not know I needed to open task manager as admin.  something I have never done in the past 18 yrs.  I will try that next time.

Thank you again.



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Any service installed on a system will require administrative privileges to terminate as installed services always run with at least administrative if not system level privileges (i.e. higher than normal admin).  You can tell what permissions a process is running with by checking Task Manager.  It will be listed under the User name column in the Details tab of Task Manager (Task Manager was changed quite a bit in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 compared to previous Windows versions; the Processes tab in those past versions of Windows (Windows 7 and older) is the same as what is called the Details tab in the Windows 10 Task Manager).  In order to see running processes that are running under different user credentials (such as SYSTEM) you will need to select the option to Show processes from all users which is the same as launching Task Manager as admin.

If Self-Protection is active in Malwarebytes then that may also prevent you from terminating Malwarebytes this way in which case you would need to first disable Self-Protection and then terminate its process.

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