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Google Updater File Marked As Ransomware

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Can I please check what I should do for clarification?

My scan I did overnight has found this too and I immediately quarantined it

I am using Malwarebytes version 3.7.1 (attached is the screenshot)


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You can select quarantined  option on left, they will display, check mark the one you want to restore. 

Myself, I had just run an image of complete system and just did a single file restore.   Maybe I shouldn't have done it that way, but I did,.  When I did the quarantined , it required a restart.  Not sure why Malwarebytes wants a person to do a restart just to move a file to  a folder called quarantined , perhaps they did more that my single file restore wouldn't have caught.   Using the restore from Malwarebytes would be easiest for you. 

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At first I restored from within Malwarebytes, but when it restored it put file name in as all caps, and I wondered why.  It doesn't matter, but red flags went up that anything at all was changed while in quarantine.  I don't know the process of their  quarantine process as it also required a reboot.  My guess is they put it in a hidden directory and change the name, but display the name as it was when quarantine?  Then if you want it restored, they put it back with original name.  Since I didn't understand how it was handled and since the name was modified (even though it didn't hurt or affect anything), I went with my restore a file from an image only a few hours old. 

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What I ended up doing was deleting the file and then restoring it with the link provided above with the same file name as before. I then re-scanned and no error was picked up this time by Malwarebytes either I also scanned the file itself with Malwarebytes just to be on the safe side and no issue was detected.

Thanks for your help.

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Great thank you :)

I just put the file back just to be on the safe side as I was wary of deleting it. There are other language files in that folder that I don't use but just worried about deleting them and then worrying if something goes wrong.

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