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Issues with and Chrome.

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MBAE updated to and initially I noticed that it wasn't protecting Chrome when launching Chrome. I stopped and started protection, deactivated and activated the shield, rebooted but it was still not protecting Chrome.

After uninstalling, deleting the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" folder and re-installing, protection for Chrome was activating when launching Chrome...

However after rebooting, MBAE again was not protecting Chrome when opening the browser. All other shields seem to be working (excel, word, opera, firefox etc).

Just Chrome shield isn't activating on launch (I have the balloon tooltips enabled so I'm conditioned to spot when it doesn't appear on opening the browser after years of use!)

I've replicated the issue on several PCs. All exhibit the exact same behaviour.

On Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64.

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Hi Spritesprint,

Thanks for posting. It is expected to not see the balloon notifications pop-up for Chrome and Edge since their protection is not the same in the traditional sense (through DLL injection) as with the other applications.

So the behavior you see is correct, but we do have protection for Chrome and Edge browsers adhering to the policies imposed by Google and Microsoft.

Thank you.

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Oh right...that...seems odd since, on a fresh installation of MBAE, the notification appears and it shows up in the log but after a reboot nothing at all...

From a users perspective the lack of notification or log that it's actually being protected, when everything else gets a popup and logged, makes you think that it isn't...if that makes any sense to you...it adds doubt

Thanks for your reply

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