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An option to report a website for analysis (because it is suspicious). I asume MBAM also has automated analysis, so it is an extra option to collect URL's of malware sites.

You could add some predifined options

Suspicios because

a) other security solutions warn for it (probably malware)

b) mimics another website (probably phisining)

c) behaves weird or suspiciously (probably hacked)

d) other comment: ________________________________

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I definitely like this idea and will be sure to submit it to the team for review and consideration.

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Thanks for submitting the feature request @Windows_Security

Since this is a beta product we want to learn about each individual request via forums, but will definitely consider this for a premium version. 

Edited by rakka

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Running the premium version at the moment, just wondering . . .

Ransomware protection seems to use same exe monitor as malware protection. For optimization purposes web protection could be coupled with exploit protection, since exploit protection includes email, browsers and media players for which it is normal for having outbound protections and it also protects office and pdf programs which normally should not connect to internet. 

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All of Malwarebytes' protection components run through a single service/process (MBAMService.exe) though each one uses its own driver(s), and in the case of Exploit Protection in particular, its own DLL (a necessity for some aspects of Exploit Protection's process shielding/monitoring since it is needed for analyzing the internal behavior and memory of protected processes by injecting itself into those processes, something an EXE cannot do).  That said, as I mentioned, they all already do use a single process so it really is about as optimized/consolidated as it can be at the moment.  The mbamtray.exe and mbam.exe processes are just for the tray/notification and UI functions for user access and control, but they both communicate and work through that single service/process which handles all the heavy lifting (i.e. all protection and scanning etc.).

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