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Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum.

Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue:

Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team

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This is actually most likely a false positive.  That entry was probably created either by the Immunize function in Spybot Search & Destroy or by SpywareBlaster to classify incredibar.com as an unsafe/restricted website and ADWCleaner is detecting it mistakenly because of that.  It is probably the same issue being reported in this topic.

You can verify this yourself by checking that entry in the registry.  If it shows a value of 4 for the data on the right then it is indeed placed in the restricted zone meaning your browser (Edge, Internet Explorer and any other browser that honors these settings) will treat the site as unsafe/untrusted, preventing it from running active scripts, ActiveX, downloading files, installing any ActiveX controls and any other rules configured for the Restricted Zone.

Please let us know if this is not the case and we will assist you in investigating the issue.


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There were a total of 7 entries from incredibar.com. All others were deleted by adwarecleaner, only one file is left over.
i Have just searched the registry again (before a few min.) & deleted incredibar. the adwarecleaner showed me an entry in the scan anyway. The report says its not deleted, but has done the entry in the quarantine. There I deleted the entry.
But when i scan it with the adw.clr.again then it shows me the entry again..
now im a little bit confused..cant find it in the registry but the adw.clr.show me that it is stil there..
btw...normally i only use the defender & the adwareclr. But because i had the feeling that there is something not right i installed the spybot..and i was right.. anyone or anything has managed to outsmart  the aw.clr. & the malewarebytes.. I skipped a total of 3 versions of adwarecleaner. and did not notice as first. only after the installation of the s.bot i saw this.

At time the spybot is uninstalled.


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Yes, I'm sure those entries were created by Spybot's Immunize feature (when you uninstall it they still remain in the registry) so that's where they came from (you would have noticed long ago if you actually had incredibar on your system from all the redirects/browser hijacks etc.).

Those detections were just the result of this false positive issue.  The ADWCleaner research team is investigating and should have the issue fixed in an upcoming release.

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