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A suggestion regarding the scan screen


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I have a suggestion regarding the scan screen.

I attach the screenshot of that appears if I have deleted the scan history.


which obviously differs from the end of scan screen that says "NO MALWARE FOUND".
It would be nice if even in that case there appeared a writing like:


or other similar ones with more or less the same meaning such as appears on the widget.






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Unfortunately, since it has no way of determining whether or not the system is truly clean, especially with the scan history being deleted, I don't think it would make a lot of sense to have it display that type of message by default.  The purpose of the messaging on the scan complete screen is just to let you know that the scan has finished and that no threats were detected during that scan.  It would be different if the screen were representing something different such as the status of real-time protection etc., however since it is just the scan screen then the status really only applies to scans of the system (hence the reason why it displays the date of the last scan along with the button to initiate a scan along with the recommendation to perform a scan to check the system for threats).

In the Malwarebytes Premium version for Windows it works in a similar fashion where the main Dashboard screen shows the overall status of protection and provides a quick access button to launch a Threat scan, however since that screen also represents real-time protection, not just scan status, it shows info on whether or not the system is protected.  The actual Scan tab just shows the various types of scans to choose from and a button to initiate the scan and once a scan completes, it shows the results similar to how the mobile app does, telling you the results of the scan and whether or not any threats were detected that need to be dealt with.  It doesn't show any information representing the overall health/protection of the system because that component of the UI doesn't apply to the real-time protection features/status.

I do not have the mobile app as I do not own a smart phone, however I assume it was designed in to work in a similar fashion and that there is either a separate page/tab of the UI to show protection status or there are notifications to inform you about any issues with/detections from those components or both, at least judging by the images and info shown on the product page for it (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that).

If I am misunderstanding your request then please let me know.


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