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My 1-year old Mac Air laptop was massively hacked on 3/28/19.  I’ve figured out how it happened and it disguised itself as a source for published medical papers.  It made its debut by shutting my laptop down and when I restarted it I couldn’t use google as my safari search engine despite it showing  in system preferences. All searches were directed to Yahoo! and the sites there weren’t authentic. I couldn’t even get on Apple support. I believe the malware may have gotten in through my gmail as that account was seriously affected. The more I tried to figure out what was going on by going by searching system information the more I lost access to them. Eventually my entire interface changed - it looked more like a bad reproduction of the real interface. I called apple support and they connected with my screen. We downloaded a virus detector which showed nothing but I could tell it was still there because the margins on any site were too large   I’m not at all a technical person but I was driven to figure this out. I used every system investigation I could and found out my network was being entirely redirected; commands were being blocked; data was being accessed and large and continuous data packets were being sent even though my computer wasn’t on or another time while I was completely off line. I found 2 mysterious “printers” and think those were involved in redirecting my network. Going into logs I could see a lot of commands the malware set up which were very disquieting. I saw instructions related to the camera and microphone, commands to circumvent the virus scanner, activating a control to get into computer while shut off and rerouting my network.  I somehow found a malicious certificate and traced it to root systems.  I called in our tech person and she downloaded Malwarebytes and ran every choice but it too showed nothing   She wasn’t interested in the information I’d found and trusted that the virus scan was correct   She rebooted our internet and we created all new names and passwords and it seemed like it worked for about 4 days  but then it showed up again   The malware changed so many things especially related to keychains and passwords were being rejected   Finally I sent my laptop out and it was download on an external drive    Had the whole operating system deleted and downloaded it again   But I’m still really concerned I’m still vulnerable and I’ll admit I’ve become extremely paranoid   Could the data reloaded from the backup contain malware?  I’d appreciate any input on this

   This malware sounds very like one i saw on this blog but it seems more advanced by protecting itself from discovery especially by deep virus scanners  I documented a lot of data I found including taking screenshots with my phone    If anyone is interested in that or name of site where I made that fateful download let me know 

Side note:   My iPhone was also affected likely through gmail. My photos were being accessed as well as contacts   I got locked out, had it deleted but couldn’t reactivate because my gmail was disabled. 

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The staff will require you to submit information about your computer that may contain privacy information and would not be appropriate to post here. Go to https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/contactsupport/pages/home-support and open a Support Ticket for further instructions.

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No, the free version is identical to the paid version with the same capabilities during the trial period, and without premium features after.

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  • Staff

It sounds like you may have encountered some adware on your Mac, but it would be difficult to know for sure now that the drive has been erased and the system reinstalled.

It also sounds like there may have been some network issues affecting multiple devices. In such a case, my primary suspicions would be either that your network hardware (your wireless router or cable/DSL modem, for example) has been hacked or infected, or that one or more of your online accounts have been compromised. Neither of these would be related to malware on your computer.

Most of what you're describing, though, does not sound like malware. It sounds like you may be misinterpreting some normal things as malicious.

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