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Microsoft FINALLY bends to users with new Windows 10 Update Policy


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As pretty much any power user running Windows 10 will tell you, Windows Update/Automatic Updates on Windows 10 can be a real pain and the fact that you can only delay updates for so long and often have little or no choice in the matter as to when they will be downloaded and installed, often with no option to remove them only makes things worse.

Well Microsoft has finally heard their users complaining about these issues and has turned down their overbearing 'nanny' features for Windows Update to allow users greater control.

You can learn more about these changes on the Windows Blog.

Below is a brief quote from the start of the article outlining what they've changed and why:

While regular updates are critical to keeping modern devices secure and running smoothly in a diverse and dynamic ecosystem, we have heard clear feedback that the Windows update process itself can be disruptive, particularly that Windows users would like more control over when updates happen. Today we are excited to announce significant changes in the Windows update process, changes designed to improve the experience, put the user in more control, and improve the quality of Windows updates.

Click the link above to learn more about it and get the full details.

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1 hour ago, AdvancedSetup said:

At least a step in the right direction. I'd like to see a bit more but it's still much better than what we currently have/get from Microsoft.

Yeah, it's remarkable how many things Microsoft seems to need to 'fix' in their latest OS that were never issues in their previous operating systems (basically everything up to Windows 8, even the much derided Windows Vista).  How a company with that many customers, especially in the consumer space, can get it so wrong is just completely beyond me.  I guess they thought that they could some how reshape the market and have people just accept it due to their monopoly, but when forced to compete with themselves in the form of their previous operating systems it makes forcing such changes much rougher to transition to, especially when their core users still remember (and many, like myself still use) their previous Windows versions.

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