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Who is the official support site for Windows Firewall Control (v 6.0) ?


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After the acquisition last year and the fact that one can't download Windows Firewall Control directly from Malwarebytes official website, does Malwarebytes offer support to a user where they might be experiencing with the latest version?  A recent article on Ghacks cited their source from Malwarebytes asking users to uninstall the current version of Windows Firewall Control manually before they run the installer again.  Other than the measure to uninstall previous versions, there are very few posts that I could find on Malwarebytes forum about problems encountered.  It would build greater assurance if one knew who to turn to for support. At least, I'd feel better knowing if I ran into a problem with Windows Defender Firewall. I've already made recent changes to the default settings to block all outbound traffic.   

I never used WFC before and I haven't installed it yet. I thought I would perform all the changes from the settings in Defender first before installing the application. Then after installing WFC, the options to add rules to allow programs to make connections would prevent Defender maybe from having the tendancy to complain, or maybe a least amount of notifications. I'm currently running Malwarebytes Premium so I suppose no news is good news on the MalwareBytes forum about WFC running at the same time potentially conflicting with one another. 


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If you need support with Windows Firewall Control, you just need to send an email to Binisoft.

However, there is already a discussion regarding firewalls, which you can check out here: 

In a nutshell; WFC will only conflict with other third-party firewall software, and even software like GlassWire will work correctly if you don't use the firewall provided by the software and only use its other features.


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@Fab4 Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control support is handled by Binisoft at this time. You can contact them via their Contact page at https://www.binisoft.org/contact or by emailing support@binisoft.org.

You may also find the user guide for Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control helpful too. You can get that here: https://www.binisoft.org/pdf/guides/Malwarebytes-WFC-User-Guide.pdf

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 Thank you for clarifying this. The Binisoft landing page beginning with "We at Malwarebytes are big fans too". I don't know another way to interpret that announcement. Hence the reason for the obfuscation and asking the question who the official support site is.


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10 minutes ago, proe said:

What's the connection between Binisoft and Malwarebytes? 

I have several regular Malwarebytes licenses. I use MS System Center Endpoint Protection. Can Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control play well with it?

Malwarebytes acquired Binisoft in 2018. Details here: https://press.malwarebytes.com/2018/05/24/malwarebytes-acquires-binisoft-to-expand-security-offering-and-global-footprint/

More info on the product including a call out on what may cause compatibility issues can be found on the product's website here: https://www.binisoft.org/wfc

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