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all deskman downloads are blocked by MB-add-on


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I am a user of this software and I was use it on an old device and this is almost since some of years ago , and now I want to reuse it again on another device but Malwarebytes add-on for Firefox is blocked all their downloads !

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Please remember, as always, the Malwarebytes' devs need the necessary detail provided by the usual screen grab that documents the type of block & the URL.

Thank you.

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15 hours ago, 1PW said:

Please remember, as always, the Malwarebytes' devs need the necessary detail provided by the usual screen grab that documents the type of block & the URL.

Thank you.

I’d would to do so , but there are so many URL’S for different version of their software which all of them are already blocked by the MB-add-on .

so , I think I will post only one screenshot for version 7 but all others downloads should be cleared out as well.

website : http://www.anfibia-soft.com/

website2 : https://anfibia.net/index.html

download for version 7 : http://www.anfibia-soft.com/download/deskmansetup.exe




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On 5/15/2019 at 9:27 PM, rakka said:

this was whitelisted, let me know if you still have issues. 

hi @rakka

unfortunately , they are still blocked , however I was able to find another website which seems is belong to the same company . should I post it in the same topic ?

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6 minutes ago, rakka said:

yes, can you please give me the block URL again?

yes I can and here is the other website below and with a download blocked .


and all downloads above of this topic are still blocked .


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add an screenshot of the block
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@rakka @AdvancedSetup the downloads above of this topic were already been blocked by the beta version 1x of the the MB add-on and now they all still blocked even though a new final/stable and non-beta release (version 2 of Malwarebytes add on) is now comes out  

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the link above which is for if you were referring to this URL


it was valid and it was setup and online for me as of the first day of this report and I do not own it because I am not a programmer (I am just a user like others :))  . therefore I have to grab a copy of their software before they making the website offline 

the website link above is belong to same company named anfibia-soft

as I mentioned in my #1 reply I was using one of their software on my OLD windows 7 laptop

and if there anything goes Suspicious with any URL’s above then the Malwarebytes team should be to have them under reviews and reanalyzes ! and in case if they need for the file then I can to submit it!


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