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Premium version should be hosted outside the Play Store

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First Google banned adblockers from its store, then it turned against root apps like Magisk, now Google is limiting access to SMS, and in the near future Google is going to kill background services that can start a foreground service (such as applocker apps). The answers to all these restrictions: host outside the Play Store, and embrace users with root.


Is there the option for Malwarebytes Inc to host a premium version of the Android app outside the Play Store? It would open the door for more features for the app, especially for rooted devices.

Currently I'm going to use AdGuard (who's AdGuard for Android also being an app hosted outside the Play Store) for system wide adblocking (with root so I can use proxy mode, so I don't have to give up my VPN), but despite they're well known in the Android adblocking community, they're still a relatively vague Russian company with also a closed source code. If I hypothetically speaking had the choice, I'd opt for Malwarebytes if you'd offer an equal adblocker.

In addition I'd also very much want SMS link checking back. Just a few days ago I read this article of malware spreading through good ol' SMS. It wouldn't affect me, but I know plenty people who will click on stuff they don't know (mostly the elderly, mentally handicapped, and children). It would give me some peace of mind back again if Malwarebytes prevents them for harming themselves in this way.

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