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Phobos Ransomware attack

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I have malwarebytes installed but it was off and my PC just got smoked by PHOBOS ......

So it won't boot and I'm looking at the drive in DOS in Win 7 Ultimate in recovery mode and the directory structure is fine but all the files are encrypted of course  .......

I'll just reinstall when I can but can I pull the drive and toss it on another PC and then run an un-encryptor on the drive to get some files back?


Will Malwarebytes do that or do i have to buy some mystery Phobos fixer off the web like SpyHunter 5 or something like that ?  If so what product is the best one to get?



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Hi Ron,

Meh, that why god made backups huh !?  (grin)  Anyway if I HAD my copy of Malwarebyte's

running on the PC would or could it have stopped it or does it not work on Phobos?

I don't even have a clue how I got it on the PC?!?  How does it get there?

Cheers'  Dave

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  • Root Admin

Yes, if Malwarebytes was running and up to date it would have blocked it.


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