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AV-Test results

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Malwarebytes isn't doing too well here. Which is a pity because MBAM used to be THE go-to solution to remove malware from your PC. Back in the says, MBAM had the name to be the "most recommended malware remover by OTHER AV-companies" because users who contacted the helpdesk of other AV-companies with infected systems, more than often got the advice to download and run MBAM to clean up their systems. But it seems that Malwarebytes is doing less than optimal as overall virus detection and prevention tool.

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Please refer to the information in this article.

You may also find the info in this article to be helpful as well, as that has a lot to do with the way that AVs are tested and the way that traditional threat detection works vs the more advanced behavior based technology in Malwarebytes such as its signature-less Exploit Protection in addressing such threats.  The information on this page explains how all of the different layers in Malwarebytes Premium work to stop attacks during various phases of the kill chain/attack chain to provide a layered defensive strategy, many of the layers of which aren't tested by such comparative tests (mostly because replicating a live attack event reliably more than once is quite difficult due to the way the bad guys often deploy them through rotating malvertisements and system/software detection to attempt to evade threat researchers).

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By the way, to see live data on threats detected by Malwarebytes that were missed by various AVs in real-time you may visit this page and see the data for yourself, though keep in mind that it does not include any detections from the Web Protection, Exploit Protection or Ransomware Protection components, just the scanner, and only items that are classified as actual threats/malware (no PUPs are counted) so if those components/detections were included, the numbers would be much larger.

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@TheQuickFox Oh, hey. Another foxxo! 🦊 To simplify what @exile360 has already said, you can also think of it like this:
AV-Test tests Anti-Virus products. Malwarebytes isn't an Anti-Virus product because it doesn't work the same way, so naturally, it doesn't do so well in tests that aren't geared for the way Malwarebytes handles threats. So while these tests may not look too favorably on Malwarebytes in a specific set of scenarios, it is best to keep in mind that it is only giving you a partial picture.

On its own, Malwarebytes works really well at preventing a lot of those threats from even getting onto your system in the first place, and when used in conjunction with other security software it becomes basically unstoppable. It specializes primarily in prevention, and as such Malwarebytes and Windows Defender (on Windows 10) or Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials (on Windows 7) is considered in some groups to be the One-Two Punch of cybersecurity. Windows Defender/MSE is your Anti-Virus, your sword/rifle, and Malwarebytes is your shield. I hope that clears things up! 😄

I might send an email to the AV-Tests website asking them to include the threat detections from the other components in the total detection results, or include detection categories on the webpage.

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