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Tweak & Tuneup/Open Any File

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I have two applications purchased from the Mac App Store - Tweak & Tuneup, and Open Any File.  The current version of Malwarebytes quarantines them and make them useless. How can I stop this from happening. Right now, I cannot even replace the applications, and MalwareBytes will not let the App Store completely download either. Running macOS Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109).

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Tweak and Tuneup is a junk app that is made by a company with a long history of creating junk "cleaning" apps. It is a clone of their other "cleaning" apps, which will use scare tactics to convince the user that they need to purchase to fix what are presented as significant issues. In reality, cleaning caches actually reduces your Mac's performance, and is not actually an "issue." In general, these "cleaning" apps should not be used.

As for Open Any File, what functionality do you believe that it provides you? There are numerous Open Any File apps, and they are all scams designed to hijack legitimate system functionality in order to promote particular products. None of them actually offer any real ability to open files that you don't have an application to open, and macOS has built-in functionality to help you find apps that are actually capable of opening unknown file types.

Note that the presence of apps on the App Store does not mean that they are legitimate. Unfortunately, there are many scam apps on the App Store.

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During the short period of time that I had OpenAnyFile on my mac, it proved to be only a method for advertising other apps and in doing so prevented me from opening a number of files by the app that created them. If you check around here and elsewhere on the Internet, you will find dozens of others who had a similar experience until they completely removed it from their computer. 

At least a couple of us formerly reported this to Apple years ago, but they chose to ignore the situation.

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