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On my computer on multiple browsers backup-utility.com gets an access denied message. When I checked HostsMan it was there under hpHost GRM list with and without the "www.".

This is a website for the renowned AOMEI backup product.

I searched the term at hosts-file.net, and I got "No records found". but my HOSTS file says what it says.

I tried to register at forum.hosts-file.net, but I ran into an absolutely impossible captcha just when I was about to finish, over and over again. I have emailed them about that, with screenshots.

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According to the information on hosts-file.net , GRM means Grass Roots Marketing.  It may be an FP or it's possible they've participated in some sort of spammy marketing campaign for their products; the Research/hpHosts team would have to respond as to which might be the case:

GRM - Sites engaged in astroturfing (otherwise known as grass roots marketing) or spamming

For full details on what constitues astroturfing, please see;


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By the way, I just visited www.aomeitech.com (which wasn't blocked by the HOSTS file) and tried downloading their free backup solution, and as soon as I clicked the download button it displayed a dialog box requiring my email address to proceed.  If they are using email addressed acquired this way to send out spam/marketing materials then that could be the reason for the block.  Do keep in mind that I don't work for the Malwarebytes Research team or hosts-file.net so this is just speculation on my part based on my own investigations.

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Right, it's not Malwarebytes Web Protection blocking it, it's the HOSTS file from hosts-file.net (AKA hpHosts, which is owned and run by Malwarebytes/Steven Burn, head of Web Research for Malwarebytes).  The OP posted here due to issues signing up on the hosts-file.net forums (incidentally hosts-file.net is acting really slow/failing to connect for me when trying to search its database; an issue I'm going to report to the team).

Steven should be able to get it sorted out whether it's a legit block or an FP.

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