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Home Depot & Best Buy URLs Blocked


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I use Start.me (a reputable bookmark manager) as my start page in my browser (brave browser).  Two bookmarks that I added to Start.me are being blocked by the Malwarebytes browser extension.  The odd part is these two URLs are for Home Hardware Canada and Best Buy Canada (for both the .com URL is blocked also).  When I type exactly the same URL into my browser (i.e. not clicking the links on my Start.me page) then Malwarebytes is not flagging them.   The blocked URLs both start, for some weird reason, with "www.emjdc.com".  I typed this address into my browser and as expected, Malwarebytes blocked that too.  

The blocked Home Depot URL is: http://www.emjcd.com/cf81iqzyI/qx1/FEKLMFMH/LJNMGFK/E/MEEEEHEFHLEMGELEFE:szlFognOV_nu/NrNKJrrNIt...

The blocked Best Buy URL is: https://www.emjcd.com/3t121y1A9U/18D/RTQQXRTV/XVZYSRW/Q/YQQQQTQRTXQYSQXQRQ:3AxR-szah_z5/33XU2T0U...

I guess the "..." at the end signifies that this is only a partial URL, so I'm not sure what you can deduct from that.  Anyway, like stated above, Malwarebytes also blocked  "www.emjdc.com".  I ran the same URL on VirusTotal and results claim it's a clean URL.  (see images). 

Anyway, I guess I'm not sure what's going on and I'm hoping someone here can explain.  Thank you for your time and effort, it will be greatly appreciated.






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