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I'm now, officially, a College Student.


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Good afternoon, Malwarebytes community! 🦊

I am delighted to inform you on this exciting day that I am now officially enrolled at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. I will be working towards my Associate of Science degree in Computer Science, and my Associate of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity, both of which will help me on my way to seeking employment. It is my hope that I will also one day be able to get a Microsoft certification as an Information Technology and/or Networking specialist, and if I'm especially lucky, perhaps even an enrollment in the Malwarebytes Academy and/or an enrollment at Rice University.

A small disclaimer: My username on this forum is not my legal name, since I generally do not feel too comfortable using my legal name online in most cases, and when I first joined the Malwarebytes community I had wanted to use a name that my friends would easily recognize whenever I referred them here to get help. However, for the purposes of more official business, I am not afraid to share my legal name with trusted members of this community via private messages, along with other information such as my recently obtained college email address.

Before I was thrust into the world of cybersecurity, I always thought I'd go into either Game Development, Fiction Writing, Computer Hardware Design, Electronic Music or Higher Physics as a career path. It's always funny how these things all turn out, but perhaps a degree in Cybersecurity could still mesh well with these (especially higher physics, once Quantum Computers are more prevalent).

Godspeed, everyone!

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