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I'm sorry.... what??? 🙄


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OK, this is just laughable at this point...


Mind you, I reached The Sun by clicking a link to it from The New York Times, a publication that I am definitely sure you wouldn't dare question their journalistic ethos.

Hmm, I wonder what crime The Sun committed that every single page on their sitemap throws a dialog window that looks similar in CSS style to an Indian scammer's?


Ahh I think that explains it.

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I wonder which excuse(s) the Malwarebytes staff will pick:

  • NewsUK is trying to spread an evil spy/RAT inside your computer, s'why it's on the blocked list
    • (We'll give you some vague blurb that passes for evidence of that)
  • Don't blame us, blame those "researchers" we know nothing about
  • It's full of malicious ads, the same as are on Heat magazine, which we're not blocking
  • You needn't read that bollocks anyway because it's not good for you

I mean, you're trying to block a publication and put up a FUD screen over it when this same publication is still in the British Airways news cart when hopping on/off trans-Atlantic flights for crissakes.   Not a great look.

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OK as I'm in the UK I'll answer this.

Certain 'newspaper' are more full of advertising than they are news.

(What they consider news is also debatable).

The UK Sun 'newspaper' is one of those that mainly exists on advertising and 'paid for' content.

Not many people in the UK regard it seriously as a source of news. More a source of 'daytime TV' reviews and unsubstantiated rumor.

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According to Wikipedia it's a tabloid.  As I understand it, tabloids by definition are the essence of clickbait (all that 'Elvis is alive and impregnated my husband during alien abduction' type stuff, celebrity gossip, sensationalist articles/article titles etc.).  Basically tabloids were clickbait before clickbait was a thing even before the internet existed; they're essentially just the analog form of clickbait (which is why they're generally kept at the checkout stand at supermarkets to grab shoppers' attention while standing in line as a potential impulse buy along with all the gum, candy and soda etc.).  In fact, Wikipedia's definition of Tabloid journalism expresses this quite succinctly and you'll note they even cite The Sun by name in their list of tabloid newspapers.  Also, if you check the Wikipedia article on Clickbait, one of the articles it links to is the above article on Tabloid journalism.

With all that said, if you enjoy reading tabloids (and even clickbait) there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and you may exclude the site if you wish or even just disable clickbait blocking in the Malwarebytes browser extension.  It's just like reality TV, soap operas and any other form of entertainment really which, while it may not be my personal cup of tea, doesn't mean no one else should be allowed to enjoy it.  It's just that the entire purpose of the clickbait blocking aspect of the Malwarebytes browser extension is designed to block this kind of content for those who do not wish to see it/be tempted to click on it (particularly because over the past several years clickbait has also become a means of using social engineering to generate clicks for malware/PUPs and other unwanted/potentially dangerous content; though obviously The Sun and other such sites most likely aren't serving any malware, though they still fit into the category of clickbait).  It's just like the ad blocking and tracker blocking components.  They're optional and serve a specific purpose to block certain types of sites/content that some users prefer to have blocked.  If you don't want it blocked, that's what the options and exclusions are there for so that you have control over it and can access the content you desire, and the blocking is there for the users that do want it blocked so that they have that option.

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