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Redirect Yahoo + blocked Internet connectivity

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Hi everyone 

i am having trouble with my MacBook. I recently updated to Mojave. Not sure if that’s when the problems started. 

1. When I use the url field to search my safari browser is automatically redirected to yahoo search although all settings say google is the search machine. 

2. After a few minutes my connection to the web is gone. Both WiFi and LAN. 


I think it all started when I “not wanted” program on my Mac, which came with a download for a flash update I think. I deleted it but when searched for a reason for the “yahoo-redirection” issue I found that unknown program within the add ons of the safari settings. I tried to delete that what I thought left over add on but then a window popped saying if I want to delete the add on I first have to delete the program, and if I wanted to open Finder to get to it. I did so, deleted everything, but the problems remain and got apparently even worse since now I have these connectivity problem and still the redirection...

also everytime I open safari there is a warning from the add on Adblock saying: “Rule list compilation failed:  A list cannot have if-domain and unless-domain mixed with if-top-url and unless-top-url” so my coding skills are as good as none existing but it still seams like Adblock does sense an issue too.

What I already did is to check my modem with help of the providers support hotline. Of course I thought it was a problem there. But it turned out that every other device connects perfectly. And of course I found out that this yahoo redirection thing is some sort of well known maleware but I couldn’t find a connection between the two issues. 

Has anyone I recommendation how to deal with this properly. Since my last action seemed to have led to even bigger problems I thought it would be better to ask for help/advise.


thanks a lot 



(ps the deleted Programm was called something like TechNetResearch but I am not sure and I couldn’t find anything called like that on the web)

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 And a quick update to the situation. I managed to download  malewarebytes to my phone and airdropped it to my Mac... I installed it. The name of the unknown program was TechSignalSearch. I removed all threats... 

for now everything seems fine. No redirection and my connection is solid for over 20 min

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