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Windows Defender - Now defending...Macs?


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Microsoft has ported its popular antimalware solution Windows Defender (renamed to Microsoft Defender for obvious reasons, because everybody knows that Macs don't have any windows :P) to the Mac OS platform as a free solution for Mac users to keep their devices safe.

You can read more at engadget and also check out the official announcement from Microsoft.

No word as of yet on how this might impact Mac users of Malwarebytes Premium, but past experience tells me that it is very likely that Malwarebytes will be fully compatible with the new Microsoft solution in real-time out of the box, but we'll have to wait and see what the Malwarebytes team has to say on the subject.  Either way you can bet that if there are any conflicts, Malwarebytes will be quick to resolve them if they can.

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Good morning.  Greetings.
Just wanted to comment on the MS article.  It appears to be for the enterprise / corporate environments that have
Microsoft 365 Security "portfolio"  & or Microsoft Intune and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.
and those business entities who opt in via the TVM preview.

plus some other clues ( in the MS article)  that this is for the enterprise
"Extending support for our endpoint protection platform"

There are several references to "endpoints".

At least, the Engadget artilce did mention "business"  and "IT admins" by way of describing the audience.
All this is just to say, it's not applicable to  everyday Mac home customers.

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