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Talk of Patents and Trade Secrets


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It is no secret that companies have trade secrets. In fact, I would be more surprised if security vendors like MalwareBytes didn't have any trade secrets. But while trade secrets aim to protect a design through obfuscation, they serve no good once somebody else has already copied the design, which is where a patent comes in. However, filing a patent requires exposing details of the design. This  leaves me with two questions:
1. For my own purposes (future endeavors), is it possible to get the benefits of having a patent on something while still keeping the really important stuff a trade secret?
2. Purely to satisfy my curiosity, does MalwareBytes happen to own any software patents?

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Hehe, true; there's a bit difference between the goofy patent language used to describe 'an X that does Y' vs the real nitty-gritty of how any device/software etc. actually works.  It's even more vague and obscure than most marketing materials describing such things to potential users/customers.

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So what Gonzo is saying...


Is that if I had a really good idea (a security technique) that could cause a lot of trouble if the information got into the wrong hands (ie, Malware devs), I could trust them to keep it safe from prying eyes (other companies, rogue governments, and Malware devs) and/or put it into use in some form (because they have the engineers, researchers and developers, while I'm just one person).

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That's... Not what I'm trying to do... I'm actually against Patent/Copyright Law normally (if it were up to me, everything would be Creative Commons), but cybersecurity is a pretty big deal. There are a lot of technological innovations that could change everything, but the patents for them are being sat on by companies who aren't doing anything with them.

In this particular case, though, I kind of don't want the open internet to know about my designs because... Well... What if Malware developers start using the techniques I've come up with?

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