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MWB Endpoint Protection Dashboard “Last Seen At” date 2 months old


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21 Windows 10 Pro or Home with 1803 or greater. Stand alone on networks with NO Server.

On the “Displaying All records for all endpoints in all groups” Around 13/21 show a “Last Seen At” date that is 60 or more days old. Most of these computers are on every business day.

? I assume this means a scan has not been run during this time period ?

In all installations I have run the “MWB A-M clean utility” and re-booted  before installation of cloud version.

I have followed the directions to “Add exclusions to the MWB cloud console”

Symantec Endpoint cloud-based protection is on all computers. I have followed the directions to “Symantec Endpoint Protection Conflict” doc

I have followed the directions to “MWB cloud platform exclusions list” on the Symantec firewall.

Under “Status” I run “Scan and report.”  When I check back days later  it indicates 14/21 of the computers have  “FAILED”

Do I need to run and submit a “FRST logs” for each computer to resolve this?  What can I do at my end?

Thank you,

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Hi Rammer,

We would want to ensure that the exclusions below are in not only the Firewall portion of Symantec but also the Anti-Virus scanner exclusions.


As well there is a new setting in the console under Settings > Policy to allow additional time for the program to startup I recommend setting that to 5 minutes.

Let us know if your issues still persist or you have any questions?

Many Thanks

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