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Win7 freeze, Event ID 36887 from "scan file system"

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On 4/9/2019 at 5:56 AM, LiquidTension said:

Hi @DSperber,
The Malwarebytes service logging indicates a correlation between the Self-Protection module and those events being logged to the Windows System Event Log. If you find they still persist, we can certainly continue looking into this. I don't believe they are associated with the freeze/deadlock, but it would certainly be worth verifying if they still persist after the deadlock no longer occurs.

Well, I can't say for absolute sure yet, but it does not seem to be occurring on my ASUS machine where the beta MRCBT.SYS is installed and running for several days now (still freeze-free). But then the 36887 error never occurred on that machine anyway.  It had only occurred on my M910t machine which has been running freeze-free with Bitdefender (instead of MBAM + MSE) for more than 21 days now.

So until and unless I revert M910t off of Bitdefender and back to MBAM + MSE (along with the fixed MRCBT.SYS from Macrium Reflect which presumably finally solves the freeze) I don't know that I will be able to explore this separate 36887 issue any further. I really would like to do that, of course, and maybe still will now that I have good confidence that the updated MRCBT.SYS is just as effective as using Bitdefender as a prevention for any future freeze.

I will decide whether to do that or not the next time I have a need to re-boot M910t. It's now "Windows Update Tuesday", but there isn't much to apply. So I don't know a re-boot will be called for which would therefore be a good occasion to give MBAM another [temporary?] try again, just to gather 36887 event data again. I also had wanted to reinstall the latest versions of nVidia graphics driver and Aida64, both of which I'd backed out to late 2017 versions as part of my 8-month attempt to try and find the software/driver product "culprit" (either separately or in combination) responsible for the freeze... for which we now finally have what sure seems to be the genuine solution.

I may wait until Monday for this experiment, as there's an awful lot of TV which needs recording by M910t all this week through Sunday night ("Masters" golf Thurs-Sun, and "Game of Thrones" Seasons 1-7 marathon all week and final Season 8 debut on Sunday night).  Gotta have M910t continue to remain flawless 24/7 through then.

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Just for closure on this one...

Today Macrium Reflect brought out their latest version update, to 7.2.4228 (that's for  the non-free Macrium Reflect Home edition), which contains the official public release of the "fix" to their CBT driver to truly eliminate the conflict with MBAM that was responsible for this long-exisitng "freeze" symptom some number of Win7 systems.  I assume a similar fix would be available in the Macrium Reflect Free version.

So even thoug a particular "freeze" issue was reported for MBAM users back last December, and then fixed by Malwarebytes in January, that apparently wasn't the only such "freeze" issue involving MBAM in one way or another. As I've described in this thread, I had early on backed out the problematic December version of MBAM and yet still was having freezes, as I'd been having for the previous few months... long before December.  And furthermore, even after applying the January "corrected fixed version of MBAM" that supposedly fixed the freeze, I still continued to have my own freeze symptoms.

Obviously MBAM may have had its one particular freeze, but this second one involving a collision with the CBT driver of Macrium Reflect was obviously a distinct and unique issue on its own, that also resulted in a "freeze" symptom.

Anyway, this second problem is now apparently 100% resolved (based on my own freeze-free experience beta testing their update for two weeks).  so it's now out. If you are a Macrium Reflect user be sure to apply this latest version 7.2.4228 (or newer, in the future) update in order to get the fix to MRCBT.SYS.

From their Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Change Block Tracker
    • Fixed an issue where a TRIM operation on a Registry hive would cause a dead-lock if some third-party software was holding a lock on the Registry.
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