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WPD FileSystem Volume Driver is corrupt

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On a system that I'm working on, the WPD FileSystem Volume Driver got corrupted (which seems to be a common occurrence on Windows 10, especially later versions), and all of the advice for fixing it seems to either involve downloading some snake-oil "this will fix all of your problems" software, or going into device manager, showing hidden devices, and uninstalling the WPD FileSystem Volume Driver and reinstalling it.

However, in my case it doesn't even show up in Device Manager, even when hidden devices are shown (it is supposed to show up under Portable Devices, but it is not showing up there), and even if I could uninstall it, I have no idea how to reinstall it. Windows Update and built-in troubleshooting tools don't help me, and I can't find any reliable documentation using Google. I could try DuckDuckGo, but I have doubts that it will show me what I actually need to find. I have a feeling that the MBTS Issue Scanner won't be able to find it either...

One of the symptoms this system is experiencing is that it is unable to execute files from removable storage or from certain user directories. My laptop back home is also experiencing a similar problem, and it is running the 32-bit version of Windows 10 as opposed to the 64-bit version, which this computer is running.

I have an installation drive which I can try using to restore corrupted system files, but I was hoping I could get some advice from this forum as well. Neither sfc /scannow or DISM seems to help me on any of my machines either...

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