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can Mp3's get infected with virus?

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I have this situation at work

An IT expert was supposed to hook a machine up to the internet. the connection was disabled by another IT guy a few years ago, to prevent it from getting infected with something. It's a cnc machine, and needs to be clean.

He could not get the connection to work, and ended up blaming it on a virus. We scanned with MAM and there WAS some stuff there. But he (suspiciously) deleted the log manually, so I can't research the findings.

He then told my boss that it was probably because of mp3's that I had on the machine.

Now that sounds a little weak to me. What virus infects an mp3. waits until you manually disable the internet connection, and then starts destroying things?

Is'nt it more likely to be some low level malware that got in before the connection was removed, that never caused any harm? The machine was working just fine

And because my boss knows nothing about this stuff, he now threatens to remove all access to the net on all machines.

To me, it seems alot more likely that the 3-4 machines that run xp unpatched would be a problem.(I've had to do cleanups on some of them, because someone uses them for porn on the weekends, but I never said anything, to spare the person the humiliation)

But then again, I'm no IT expert, and my opinions on the subject are'nt worth much.

And also, after the IT guy's attempts to fix the machine, it has become horribly slow, and we need to order a brand new one, then once the spare pc is here, we can try system restore etc on the original. This is of course also blamed on my infected mp3's :unsure:

From what I can tell, there is a theoretical possibility of infecting mp3's in the ID3 tag, but I've never had one that was infected, or heard of one for that matter.

I suspect that the expert used the mp3 argument as an easy way of explaining why he could'nt get it to work. Because now he'll make alot of money securing all the machines that have an internet connection.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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Welcome to the forum Amish bob,

To answer your question simply, mp3s can contain viruses. You are correct in thinking that they can be infected through the ID3V tag. I would think about running your computer through the gauntlet with an expert by your side in the Malware Removal section. You can start by reading this thread: I'm infected - What do I do now?

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the computer is clean, MAM fixed it. I was really just wondering if it was probable that the mp3's were the source of the infection.

I use winamp, and they fixed the id3 problem in version 2.80. info So it can't have happened that way.

From what I remember, the mp3's did not show up as infected in the initial scan, it was all regular "system 32" stuff. and if I scan them now, it does'nt find anything

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Are you scanning with an a/v program or MBAM? I find that MBAM does not catch most of the mp3s that infections. My girlfriend and her 2 sons do a lot of P2P downloads against my wishes but I tell them to at least scan them with both programs before attempting to listen and more often then not, these mp3 infected files are caught by the a/v.

There's nothing at that link by the way.

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