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It’s isn’t downloading? Please help😭

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I just downloaded Malwarebytes-Mac- and the installer had no problems with it.

Your file should be 12,846,828 bytes (12.8 MB on disk), dated March 14, 2019 (possibly 13th depending on your local time zone) and an MD5 hash value of 7eb947dff237c09bdc2215660d0d58cd. If the file you have doesn't match then you are getting a corrupted copy for some reason.

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Make sure you are downloading from here:


If that solves the problem, and you were previously downloading from somewhere other than the Malwarebytes site, I'd be interested to learn where that is.

If you continue having the same problem with a freshly-downloaded copy of the installer from the Malwarebytes site, then something is wrong with your network connection or your computer. There could be data corruption in the data coming over your network connection, or the file could be getting corrupted on your hard drive. It's also theoretically possible that some malware could be tampering with the installer to prevent you from installing it, though that's not something we've ever seen, so I'd consider that unlikely. One concerning possibility in this case would be that your hard drive could be failing, so I'd strongly recommend making sure that your data is thoroughly backed up!

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  • Staff

At this point, if you've downloaded from the link I gave you and still have the same problem, it's not something we can fix, because there's nothing wrong with the file. It's likely to be some kind of corruption on your computer.

The only other possibility I can think of is if your computer's clock is not correct. If that is the case, it would prevent the cryptographic signature on the installer from being verified. Make sure the clock is set to the correct time and date.

Unfortunately, if the time and date are already correct, you may have something going on like an impending hard drive failure. In this case, you should make sure all your data is backed up, then get the machine checked by a qualified technician, such as an Apple tech at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store.

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