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Problems with Mail notification of the Forum on iPhone

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I would like to know why the notification emails of this forum, which are sent to me, if displayed on MacOS Mail appear readable; if viewed on iOS Mail they appear as in the screenshot that I am attaching (Obviously I deleted the recipient of the email).





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To complete the discussion, this is screenshot of an email, similar to the previous one but not the same one, always notification from your forum, always displayed on iOS Mail, once it is moved to the trash with iPhone.
In Mail for macOS, besides, as I said above, to be viewable, nothing changes if I move it to the trash.



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Mail on iPhone (incoming mail)


Mail on iPhone (Deleted Items / Recycle Bin)


Mail on Mac (incoming mail)


Mail on Mac (Deleted Items / Recycle Bin)



As you can see on MacOS does not change while on the iPhone is even displayed in two different ways. It is the email that was sent to me as a notification for your reply a little while ago

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I have iOS 12.3.1 but I think it's a problem with the specific email address.

Therefore I ask you @treed if I can change the address on the forum leaving the one in the Malwarebytes beta for iOS unchanged?

I also ask you @treed if you can remove this image from this my post for privacy.  Thank you. I had already asked it  to @AdvancedSetup  but I would have some urgency to disappear

What I would use is an iCloud alias of my AppleID that in the past worked correctly. Let me know. Thank you

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5 minutes ago, treed said:

I removed the screenshot.

Thank you very much.

6 minutes ago, treed said:

I don't have the ability to change your e-mail address - or, if I do, I don't know how - but @AdvancedSetup should be able to help.

I would change it from the configuration panel of my profile here on the forum but I wouldn't want to lose access to the Malwarebytes beta for iOS.

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1 minute ago, treed said:

Your account on this forum and your access to the iOS beta are completely unrelated. There's no connection between the two. There's nothing you could do here on the forum that would affect your access to the beta.

Ok, thanks, I will try to test the change on the forum.

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  • Root Admin

Hello @MAXBAR1

I can change your email address if you really want to. Please send me a private message with the email address you want to use and I can make the change. You will need access to the email address though or you won't get any alert and any password or other changes won't work if the email address is wrong.


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As I wrote above, I modified it, and now (the notification of your message is the first I receive) I can confirm that with the new address I received the notification correctly also on iPhone.

For Italian users who have problems, I can suggest not using email addresses with the domain tim.it for the forum

Thanks again for your interest.

I wanted to ask you how it is possible to change the image associated to the account on the forum or at least what are the requirements to have access to this change.
Thank you

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