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Advice on a cross-platform antivirus on demand

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Hello @treed
Can you tell me if, to scan, rarely, on demand files or disks to share with Windows users, Intego Virus Barrier (from Mac AppStore, without special permissions and without full access to the internal disk) can be fine and is it safe? (Is it possible, eventually, to give him full access to the disc without risk for an occasional scan?)

On Virus Total

sha-256 f816b1fd93eab5801b931da32d694a5529c7bee5e9ccd237ec0d577dbff06599


On Mac AppStore



or is it better BitDefender (same settings)

On Mac AppStore


both are not blocked in any way by Malwarebytes for macOS

I could not try BitDefender on VirusTotal because the file is 308 MB and exceeds the maximum upload capacity, Intego Virus Barrier is completely clean instead.





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If the intent is to scan for Windows malware, I'd use something that is primarily Windows-focused, which would not be Intego. (Intego is a Mac-only antivirus.)

It has been a while since I've used either of them, but Bitdefender and Dr. Web are two of the few other legit antivirus programs to be found on the Mac App Store. Alternately, if you're open to something outside the Mac App Store, ClamXav is also trustworthy.

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For the use that I have to make very sporadic I choose BitDefender because it is free unlike ClamXAv.

Normally in fact I use Malwarebytes Premium but a complete scan every now and then maybe it doesn't (in that case you have to give full access to the disk: is Bitdefender to trust?)

Pure curiosity, regarding ONLY the MAC, is Intego legitimate or is it a risk?

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4 hours ago, treed said:

(Intego is a Mac-only antivirus.)

I had typed out a response saying the same thing, but when I went to the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/intego-virusbarrier-scanner/id1200445649?mt=12 I was surprised to find1072344275_ScreenShot2019-03-13at11_04_51.thumb.png.998c05dd88ed2b1b8c9d4248c351f3f5.png:


And it is legit. I've had it installed and an earlier version for many years.

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