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IP Prot. blocks


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Hi. I went to the forum website for AnyDVD and clicked on a sticky with the subject heading "Helping us helping you." The URL is http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=11490. MBAM's IP Protection immediately announced that it had blocked I have no idea why. I was able to read the messages in this thread, so I'm not sure what was blocked. This happened again on another page of the AnyDVD forum site, but I'm not sure which page it was. At the time, I only noted the IP address that MBAM claimed to have blocked: Again, I was able to read the thread. Since I can't now find the page I was on when this happened, I hesitate to report this, but it seems a bit odd that two pages from a forum website should trigger IP block messages, and that I should nonetheless be able to read the messages. I'm very glad I could read the messages--I'd be really upset it the IP Protection prevented me from doing so--but I'm rather mystified as to what is going on. I should add that I'm using 1.41 with database version 2782.

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In the case of the slysoft.com one, it's because it's loading;


Thanks for your response. I'd really like to understand this better than I do now. What is it that's being loaded? A picture? Why can't I see it even if I turn off IP Protection? I don't even see what on the page could be triggering it. Could you explain a little more about what you mean when you say this is being loaded?

Thanks very much.

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Loading the site through a HTTP proxy showed the above URL trying to load, which was subsequently being blocked by MBAM. According to the URL it's someones signature, but I've not confirmed this (my test machine is busy with other things at present).

If you're unable to see it even after disabling IP Protection, chances are you haven't cleared the DNS and Arp caches, which would need to be done if the DNS Client is enabled and running.

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Thanks very much for this further explanation. You're right--I couldn't see the image even after turning off IP Protection and also trying a different browser. But the image is apparently in someone's signature file--I saw the URL when I went into View Source and searched for zapurls.com.

One more question: does MBAM's IP Protection block all images that don't originate from the site that's being visited, or just images that are considered problematic?

Again, thanks very much for this helpful response.

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