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AdGuard..... Which forum to ask re. confict with MB ?


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1039045936_zMBscreenprintMar102019.thumb.jpg.645b4b58b3a9a92059d2e0c6f7aee26b.jpg1039045936_zMBscreenprintMar102019.thumb.jpg.645b4b58b3a9a92059d2e0c6f7aee26b.jpg1039045936_zMBscreenprintMar102019.thumb.jpg.645b4b58b3a9a92059d2e0c6f7aee26b.jpg1039045936_zMBscreenprintMar102019.thumb.jpg.645b4b58b3a9a92059d2e0c6f7aee26b.jpg1039045936_zMBscreenprintMar102019.thumb.jpg.645b4b58b3a9a92059d2e0c6f7aee26b.jpgI would like to get a fair ad blocker with not necessary to have all the bells and whistles.  AdGuard reads impressively its promotion. But I wish to have minimum conflict with my 1st priority MW.  I am willing to work an ad blocker to minimize issues with MB ..... but I am not the most savvy with computers.

Is there an appropriate forum you can direct me or forward this inquiry, too ? 

I admit I am behind with MB updates quite a bit.1039045936_zMBscreenprintMar102019.thumb.jpg.645b4b58b3a9a92059d2e0c6f7aee26b.jpg

My question is if there is a favored, run of the mill adblocker with decent fulfillment and won't impede or obstruct my MW. 


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