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Android Protection over USB

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This idea is a simple one; incorporate the Android version of the MalwareBytes components within the Windows and Mac versions, and allow it to scan Android devices over USB. This would be a good way to remove Android-based threats when an Android device is no longer under the user's control, as Android threats can't target Windows.

This functionality could also extend to sanitizing MicroSD cards from Android devices, or even allow you to sideload the Android version of Malwarebytes through the Windows/macOS Malwarebytes client.

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Now that would be a good idea, but I mean that will not be reversed, too much work with it, and who wants to pay all this?
But a good idea
Some anti virus programs, can also recognize a Pc Android malware ..... But how the reasoning is the recognition I can not say ...


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*sigh* How can I explain this...?

Most android devices share a common file structure, and most use filesystems that computers can already work with. And the Android version of MalwareBytes can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but it has recently been restricted quite severely. As such, the only way to get a fully-featured version of MalwareBytes onto Android would be to sideload it, an activity which MalwareBytes does not condone because of how difficult it is to do it safely. Of course, I actually had this idea before I learned what happened with MalwareBytes on the Google Play store.

If the Sideloading process were performed by the PC MalwareBytes client itself, though, and if the files being sideloaded onto the device were also provided from within the PC client, then it would be a lot less dangerous to work with since MalwareBytes could make sure you were always receiving the correct files and that they couldn't be tampered with. And if you're able to synchronize an Android device with a Windows computer, then any malicious software running on an Android device could be detected over USB and removed.

As for MicroSD Sanitation... that might actually be harder to do to be honest, now that I remember that MalwareBytes can't really detect threats in that way.

@exile360 might be able to back me up on my explanations. Not sure if my idea is entirely feasible however.

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