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My proposal here is simple; an app for iOS/macOS, Android, Win32, UWP and Linux that keeps informed whenever there is a new blog post, product announcement, beta program, and so on.

It could also let you access the MalwareBytes community through your forum account, manage your licenses and installed products, and more quickly and easily get in touch with support staff.

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While there is no dedicated app (and I honestly doubt too many users would be interested in such an application consuming resources on their devices just for Malwarebytes stuff, especially on mobile platforms where battery life and CPU cycles are at a premium), you can subscribe to feeds and newsletters and configure custom notification settings for the forums to be notified when new posts occur in specific areas if you want, and of course there is My.Malwarebytes.com for managing licenses/devices/subscriptions.

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Perhaps, but since users typically have their email set to notify them on their smartphones this would seem to be a rather superfluous feature.  That said, I think this would be a good thing for the Product/Marketing team to do a survey on or focus group around to determine if such a thing would be viable and desirable for most users.  I personally think it's redundant, especially since most users would likely want notifications about all their interests/products they're fans of/security resources if that's their field of focus, and resources like YouTube, social media channels and general security/tech websites/blogs would likely be much more useful than anything focused specifically on Malwarebytes, especially since they could likely just feed their Malwarebytes subscriptions and emails into their more generalized RSS readers/email applications/browsers to integrate along with all the other info from the other sources rather than using a dedicated app just for the Malwarebytes-specific stuff.

As an example, while there is a cloud based management console for many Malwarebytes business products, they also offer email notifications/alerts for detection events and critical issues that the user/sysadmin may configure to their liking, enabling them to monitor status and receive alerts on their other devices when issues arise on any of the endpoints/networks they manage/administer because this is far more convenient and flexible than keeping the cloud application open constantly to alert them (and in fact, before it was implemented, email notifications was by far one of the top requested features on the business side, likely for this very reason).

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