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Vulnerability when Malwarebytes is closed and I'm gaming and/or streaming?

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Leaving Malwarebytes running w/ all the real-time protections on significantly runs my desktop hotter and louder if I stream and/or game. Streaming is especially bad as more often than not, my PC crashes and shuts down (im assuming over heat). Closing Malwarebytes alleviates this problem.


Id like to know just how vulnerable I am with it off, specifically during streaming. Or if I can turn off the most relevant real-time protection options and still be relatively secure. I have no idea what affects what in this regard. I leave windows defender up always.

Thanks for your time.



R6 1600 oc @ 3.69 // 16gb 2400 RAM

GTX 1080 no OC // 500gb Samsung EVO SSD


D2 or R6:Siege via Streamlabs OBS @ 720p, 60 FPS.

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You should be fine as long as you aren't doing any browsing while gaming/streaming, and you could also try adding exclusions for some of your trusted applications in Malwarebytes to see if that helps (for example, Defender, along with your games' executables and your streaming app(s)), but yeah, you should be relatively safe as long as you aren't doing any browsing with it disabled or opening any emails.  As long as you are just gaming/streaming when it's off then it should be just fine.

It also may help to try disabling just the Ransomware Protection component as that one tends to be more resource intensive with apps that do a lot of writing to disk as your streaming app no doubt does as it caches the streaming content.  That particular protection layer isn't actually nearly as proactive as the other layers of defense in Malwarebytes since it really just watches existing threads/processes in memory for ransomware behavior (deleting backups/restore points, encrypting data etc.).

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