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Custom Scan option missing on system

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I ran into the same problem.  When I clicked on scan it coming up with "scan complete."   THEN I noticed the  x  in the right and clicked on it.  Scan closed and when I clicked on scan again the option for Custom Scan  and Configure scan was there.

So apparently you are not done with a scan UNTIL you x out .


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Yes, the scan complete window remains until closed, however you can still initiate a new scan via the context menu in Explorer when the UI is in this state (you can test by running a Threat scan via the Scan Now button on the Dashboard tab, allowing it to complete, then leaving it in that state without clicking the 'X', then right-click on any file or folder and selecting 'Scan with Malwarebytes' and you'll see that the scan does indeed proceed even though you never closed out the previous scan result screen).

You can also test it by performing multiple right-click context menu scans in a row without closing any of them out and watching what the UI does.  You should see it proceed with each new scan without having to click the 'X' to close out the results from the previous scan.

The issue with the option missing in Explorer is due to the right-click context menu's shell extension not being registered properly following installation/upgrade.

The issue with the scan options being unavailable in the Scan tab is a separate issue and is indeed due to not closing out the scan results from the previous scan and is simply a UI/UX interactivity issue, not a bug (though I'd argue that it could be handled better and that the scan complete interface could just time out on its own after enough time has passed rather than leaving the UI in that state until MB3 is restarted or the user clicks the 'X' to dismiss it, but that's a usability issue not a bug).

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