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Updated Malwarebytes Endpoint Security to v1.9 (

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So I downloaded and installed Updated Malwarebytes Endpoint Security v1.9 over the 1.8 installation without issue.  So I used the Management Console's client push install to deploy new "upgrade" installations.  They installed without errors and ended up green successfully mark while deploying with domain credentials.


However, now if you look at my attached photo, I'm now getting the client has not been registered messages.  Also, did it not uninstall the old clients and just install the new software in addition to the previous version?  On my workstation, it was showing two versions of Malwarebytes in the program list.  Are there now multiple versions of Malwarebytes on these workstations now?

It appeared to uninstall my previous versions of Anti-ransomware, but did it actually reinstall it?  Is the install of Anti-ransomware invisible now?  On the manual installations of the anti-ransomwarebeta it had a visible start menu entry, a visible taskbar icon, and even a shortcut.  Now even though the Management Console is showing the Anti-Ransomware shield, the actual workstations show no traces it's on there like before.

Most if not all my workstations also had the Ransomware Beta manually installed previously. 

So what is going on here exactly?  Is this new version of the Management Console bugged out or what?


Malware ERROR Deploy.png

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Hi @JCourtney, ARW hasn't really changed from what you had before, though now MBMC has the ability to install it, pass it some basic items and receive hit information. It still has a non-silent icon. There is a bug that ARW cannot be passed a proxy set within your policy, if you use one, after installation. The push installer has no ability to set that during install like ARW needs. This will be addressed in the future.

The double installs are a problem, though we haven't found that to be caused by the push tool, rather research is pointing to a failure of the services to stop when asked to on the endpoint during the upgrade install. The most common cause for the agent service not stopping when asked is if it is busy/stuck writing a huge logging file. Did you have a lot of fallout on your MBMC's database and endpoints during the Jan '18 FP on the DNS broadcast address? Are there any log files on the clients that exceed 1-5kb in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs?


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I'll have to go around to some of the workstations and confirm if they do indeed have double installations.  So in the client area on my workstation, it's saying that Anti-ransomwareis installed.   You say it's not supposed to be silent install?  I see no icon, no shortcuts, task manager, no start menu entry and it doesn't appear to be in the add/remove programs list.  How can I confirm for sure that it did indeed get pushed out and installed properly on the workstation?  

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ARW deployed this way will be contained within the "Malwarebytes Managed Client" entry in add/remove, it doesn't show on its own. MBAM and MBAE do the same, although when MBAE updates over-the-air, it'll make a new separate entry for itself. ARW will show its circular blue and white icon when running.

Are your MB services ok and running? Verify in services.msc.
MEEClientService = server / client comm
MBAMService = MBAM's realtime engine
MBAMScheduler = MBAM's scan task launcher
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Service = MBAE's realtime engine
Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Service = ARW's realtime engine

The doubled old install can be removed safely without affecting your new install.

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Yes, it does require last I knew - 


This is what I am trying to verify on my VM lab as time allows. The key discussed in that linked post is missing in my newer 1.9 managed install, though mbarw.exe is running on my system example, so I do not know what has changed to trigger it. ARW in MBMC does not have a silent mode, so this behavior is not by design.


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