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Key # displayed in About Tab


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If the key # and ID # cannot be erased from the system it should not pose any problem -

This would only need to be hidden if you can 'steal' the program - MBAM is only licensed to one computer -

If you can take this ID and Key, then it may pose a threat for a common use system -

But I agree that there is a way to transfer to another machine if you want to (I am not sure of the exact process to do this) -

An expert may follow this post with any safegards -

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The key can be erased from the system if someone were to erase the registry values. Of course, if you had the information saved in your e-mail somewhere, it would be easy to just add it back which is still a bit inconvenient. Most programs I know of, are able to show their serial number or ID/pass in certain parts of the program... (ex. Microsoft Office from the Help menu -> About selection)

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Not to be an ass, but by the looks of that screenshot, couldn't someone just uncheck "Hide Plus code"?

You are not an ass and yes I can uncheck "Hide Plus code" but I am the only user on my system so I can do it.

I don't know how it would work on a multi-user system hopefully with a Limited User account log in.

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:rolleyes: Yeah that's my only concern... Someone could just easily unhide it on a multi-user system. Not sure how to implement that, but it would be beneficial if only an admin user could unhide it or some other method where they have to have the appropriate access. I mean that's the sole reason you want to hide it right, to prevent others who use your computer from copying your ID and key right?
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