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Error wont let me activate account

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Apologies that no one responded sooner.  I just saw your logs and they indicate that you have Transocks installed as a proxy/VPN application.  Unfortunately the current version of Malwarebytes is incompatible with most proxy applications that use the older Winsock protocol rather than the newer WFP protocol for inserting themselves into the network stack and this is most likely what's causing the problem.  If you remove Transocks it should allow Malwarebytes to register properly, however keep in mind that the issue will occur again if you reinstall Transocks meaning that until this issue is addressed, you'll either need to discontinue using Transocks or you'll need to roll back to the previous version of Malwarebytes (available here.

If that doesn't resolve the issue please let us know.


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If it is being caused by the same issue as last time then it looks like these are the culprits:

Winsock: Catalog9 01 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 02 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 03 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 04 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 05 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 06 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 07 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 08 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9 24 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp.dll [767360 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 01 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 02 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 03 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 04 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 05 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 06 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 07 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 08 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)
Winsock: Catalog9-x64 24 C:\Users\landi\AppData\Roaming\Netease\UU\uu_lsp64.dll [989568 2019-05-13] (网易(杭州)网络有限公司)

It appears they belong to a program called Netease.  Please try removing that and let us know how it goes.


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Yea, thanks exile, i think the other one is networx maybe is causing the problem

but, anyway, i cant have malwarebytes always going against the things i use, and you cant even add to white list

im really sad too to let go, since i have been using it for so long, but i decided to give a rest for 1 year, then i will install it again next year

hopefully everything can work out, maybe should bring up this issue, see if there is a better way to do it, and not just break off the connection with server and cant even activate your license.

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For what it's worth, the Developers have been working on this problem for a long time and they do project that it should be fixed in the next Malwarebytes release which I expect to be published within the next month or so (possibly sooner; it all depends on how long it takes them to put in all their changes and fixes and complete testing) so you shouldn't have to deal with this issue for much longer.

In the meantime you can either just make do without Malwarebytes temporarily until then or avoid anything that installs any entries into the Winsock.  I know those options aren't ideal, but hopefully you won't have to worry about it for much longer.

An additional item I'd recommend to help keep you secure until then would be to install the Malwarebytes browser extension if you haven't already.  It's very powerful and works with Chrome and other Chromium based browsers like SRWare Iron, Vivaldi and Microsoft's new Chromium based Edge browser as well as Mozilla Firefox.  It blocks bad websites similar to how Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3 does but adds some additional features such as clickbait blocking, ad blocking, tracker blocking (for privacy on the web), and behavior based blocking for phishing sites, tech support scams and other common malicious types of websites (it uses databases/black lists similar to Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3 but also includes behavioral blocking for specific categories of harmful websites).  The only downside is that it only shields your browser where it is installed as an add-on/extension, whereas the Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3 protects the entire system by hooking into the network stack of the operating system.  It is also fully compatible with Malwarebytes so you can continue using it even after this issue is resolved and it will augment your protection:


If you haven't already, I'd also suggesting using a good ad blocker like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin, and if you're concerned about privacy you can use some good privacy plugins like Ghostery, Privacy Badger and Disconnect.  Also be sure to enable Windows Defender or install some other AV in the meantime if you're going to run without Malwarebytes until this issue is fixed (you can also keep the AV after the issue is fixed if you want it as an added layer of protection as Malwarebytes works just fine in real-time with most AVs).

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the top area/pinned topics in this area as that will be where they will announce the new Malwarebytes build when it is released.

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By the way, if you are going the route of removing Malwarebytes temporarily while they work out this issue you should be able to install the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit standalone beta.  It's free and provides the same excellent Exploit Protection provided in Malwarebytes 3 Premium.  You can find out more and get the build in this topic.

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This issue should be resolved by the new beta build of Malwarebytes, version 3.8.  You can learn more about it here.

If you decide you wish to give the beta a try then please open Malwarebytes and navigate to Settings>Application and scroll to the bottom of the tab where it shows the option to enable beta updates and select the option to do so and click Yes at the confirmation prompt then scroll back to the top of the same tab and click on the Install Application Updates button and allow it to download and install the new build, allowing it to restart your system if prompted to do so once the installation completes, making sure that you save anything you were working on before you do.

If you do try the beta, please let us know if it resolved the issue you were experiencing or not.


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