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Malwarebytes in the Sixth World: Shadowrun Discussion


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Disclaimer: This thread is discussing the portrayal of a real-world company within a fictional setting. Any discrepancies or disparities with the real Malwarebytes which may be brought up in here are purely fictional.

For anyone here who happens to be a fan of Shadowrun and/or who happens to play it regularly, what would you imagine would become of Malwarebytes in the year 2080, when the entire world is not only filled with magic, but also a cyberpunk dystopia?


My first character in Shadowrun actually works for Malwarebytes, and uses his contacts to aid him in various investigations and cybersecurity endeavors. However, world-building wise, I can't really think of many ways in which the company might change or stay the same (or even just roleplay interactions with the company), especially given that I don't work there in real life.



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Well, I'm still job-hunting IRL, and I couldn't help but notice a lack of MalwareBytes positions anywhere near where I live (Houston, Texas).
So yeah, in this custom Shadowrun campaign (which takes place in Houston), that's gonna change. This fictional version of MalwareBytes now has a pretty sizable office in Houston~!

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