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unable to activate my Premium license key

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After my Windows 10 failed, I reinstalled Windows 10, but lost my Malwarebytes Premium. So I downloaded  a Malwarebytes Premium Trial Version. I have repeatedly failed to have my License key replace the Trial Version with the Premium version I purchased Jan. 5, 2019. The message after the automatic process was, "The usage level; has exceeded the maximum amount." When I insert my License key in the License Key Box, a Green check mark appears to the right of the License Key Box. The License Key Number is identical to the one in my Malwarebytes Account.

So I tried to install Malwarebytes Premium manually according to instructions, but that effort repeatedly failed. What the reason for this repeated failure was never given. Check support was the MB response.

None of the instruction explaining how to install my Premium version explains what to do when I get the above message ("The usage level has exceeded the maximum amount") or when the manual process of replacing the Trial Version with the Premium Malwarebytes program repeatedly fails.

I an identical problem occurred around a year ago, with a similar above mentioned MB message. An email exchange with an agent of Malwarebytes fixed the problem that prevented me installing MB Premium (By getting rid of, "The usage level has exceeded the maximum amount?) A week ago I sent an email to the same email address that fixed this former problem. A return email said that a Malwarebytes agent would be in contact with me, but so far none has.

I have four days of the Premium version of MB remaining with the present Trial Version.

To conclude, I'm stumped: the two means of activating my Premium License Key (automatic and manual) invariably fail. Any help to fix my problem would be greatly appreciated.




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