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Malwarebytes Mobile Security 1.3.1 (1.8)


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A5388759-AED4-4C6E-B69F-540FC3A3363D.thumb.png.e9531c64450db37837b1d303222de073.pngA63AE6D2-E2C1-498D-9DAD-C2D9F3978834.thumb.png.6c2966590e1488ad8efe64ca70eb986d.pngWell now that sucks!

I’m confused as I installed the new beta on my iPhone and under Safari settings 2 Content Blockers Malwarebytes - Web Protection and Ad blocking is still listed and checked green. I’m confused, is Malwarebytes only blocking ads only. 


Some minor changes and bug fixes, plus the Advanced Web Protection feature was removed. This feature has been completely shot down by Apple and cannot be pursued any further in its current form. We will pursue other options to branch out and protect more than just Safari. [Quote/]


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In the beta version, there was an additional Advanced Web Protection option which apparently has been dropped, so now only the normal web protection is available as a premium feature.

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Thanks to all the staff

Received this morning the new beta.

It works perfectly.

The only lack that I had already reported: the possibility of having two different allow lists , one for web protection and one for ad-blocking so that one can, if desired, support a website enabling it to show advertising but preserving the web protection for that site too (a bit like on Malwarebytes for Firefox).


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13 minutes ago, Hardhead said:

Just wondering just what was the advanced version options and what did it do and protect in Safari.

See if this explains it adequately: 


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