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FYI: Email Blackmail Scam still current

David H. Lipman

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The Blackmail Email was a product of a Breach and you are now aware of several.

Your changing your password associated with the email address is what is warranted.  Now it's a matter of recognizing the fraud and understanding why you are targeted.  Just delete any future Blackmail Emails.


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This is still going on.  Here is a latest rendition of this ploy...


Hi there,

Wish you do not care about my english language sentence structure, because
i'm from Philippines. I toxified your machine with a trojan and im in
possession of all your personal files from your operating-system. 

It was set up on a mature internet page and then you've selected the video
and  it, my application instantly got into your computer. 

Then simply, your web-cam recorded you wank, besides i captured a vid that
you've viewed. 

Just after a while additionally, it picked up every one of your social
contact info. In case u wish me to wipe out your everything i have got -
transmit me 640 us in btc it is a crypto. Its my btc wallet transfer address
- bc1qcnl7q0a0yxxxxxxxxxxy0tjgdscdr6kac9c

At this point you will have 28hr s. to decide The minute i will receive the
transaction i am going to wipe out this video and everything completely.
Otherwise, you should be sure this evidence would be forwarded to all of
your contacts.

Do Not Reply to This Email


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