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I have downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes but found that I am frequently being hassled with free trials of the pro edition and despite thinking that I have declined these trials they somehow install themselves anyway!  Why ?????

Also , I have recently been seeing malwarebytes blocking a website called 'daily.limited'. I keep seeing these pop up windows appearing displaying this block. However I do not understand how or where this website has come from? I have tried to find it using IObit uninstaller without success. Can I remove/block this website (if it is indeed a website) manually?


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Hi @bluemonday,

Please carry out steps 4 and 5 in the topic linked below so we can take a look at the source of the blocks:

Once you've provided the mbst-grab-results.zip file, we can investigate the issue further.

Also note that the website blocking feature is only available in the Premium and Trial version of Malwarebytes. By reverting to free, this feature will be disabled. I recommend we look into addressing the source of the website blocks before proceeding with any other action concerning the license state.

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Not sure if this is the same problem I had, but whenever I attempted to download a file Malwarebytes would block a random website I hadn't navigated to and wasn't downloading from. Turns out Malwarebytes was scanning my entire download history and one item in there was triggering it every time.

Again, not sure if this is the same issue I had - but that was the fix for me.

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Actually, the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes doesn't scan any history, cache or any other on-disk data; it only looks at actual connections, however if some other software or browser on your system was accessing that history and checking those URLs, for example, for refreshing recently visited sites or loading previews of frequently visited sites as some browsers do, or just doing DNS lookups of those sites for some reason then that could be the cause.  Basically any type of connection, whether outgoing to or incoming from any website that is in Malwarebytes' block list will be blocked and it should show the process attempting the connection if it is an outgoing connection and you may use a tool such as Wireshark or TCPView to determine more details about the connection if it still isn't clear from the information provided by Malwarebytes in its logs/block notifications.

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Ah, that's not adware at all; it's bad sites being allowed to show notifications in Chrome.  Many sites have been abusing this functionality recently.  Please refer to this thread for more details.  Basically you need to go into Chrome's settings and remove the sites that have been allowed to show notifications from the allowed list.

If you require further details on how to accomplish this let me know and I'll try to dig something up from a reputable source or else I'll put together a step-by-step guide myself and post it here.

EDIT: I found this guide which covers it pretty well.

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thanks - i did go to notifications in chrome settings but couldnt see the website 'daily.limited'.  However when i followed your thread, i decided to add the Malwarebytes extension to chrome. When i then went to notifications i found the following in the 'Allow' list of sites:

'https://daily.limited:443' which was prefixed with the Malwarebytes icon. i have now blocked this site and will see if this cures the issue.

thank you so much for your help 🙂



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Excellent, yes, that should do it :)

I'm glad you were finally able to track it down.  Those ads can definitely be annoying and it's a real bummer that sites are starting to abuse that notification system, which incidentally was never intended to be used for advertisements to begin with.  Hopefully Google will do something to address this issue in the future to prevent or at least curb the abuse because having to decide whether to allow every site you visit to show notifications based on whether or not you think you can trust them not to try and use it to advertise to you can be very tedious and frustrating.

Anyway, if there's anything else we might assist you with, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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