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Clients stuck in 'Ungrouped Clients' folder in Management Console

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I have a strange problem where Malwarebytes Management Console is syncing with active directory, however some clients are not appearing in their active driectory folder on the management console, they appear only in the "ungrouped clients" folder at the top of the list and if you click move you are unable to move them back to their correct folder.

I have run the sync now button, confirmed that the username and password is correct.  If we move a computer on active directory or rename it, the change is reflected in the management console.

Please see the two screenshots regarding this problem.

Any ideas?



Clients 01.JPG

Select Group 01.jpg

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Hello Jaws and Welcome to our Business forums.

I wanted to clarify the expected behaviour and just let us know if this is not how yours is working.

The Active Directory Sync when setup should automatically move the machines to the AD OU they are currently in your active directory.

No machines are able to be moved into AD groups manually as they should mirror exactly your AD structure. Once moved in AD we should see them appear in the appropriate group in the management console.

Let us know if you have moved machines in active directory (make sure both the IP and names match) and do not see the change reflected in your console there could be an issue, please just let us know.

Many Thanks


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Hi Kevin,

I think I see the cuase of the problem, the 8 computers that are showing in the Ungrouped Clients area all had different names to start with and were then moved to a different location and subsequently had their computer name changed, but Malwarebytes didn't update the existing record, instead creating a new record (so each computer has two records, old and new name).

For Instance:

Original Computer Name: DT-DS2-07A

Renamed To: DT-DS2-07

Malwarebytes shows both devices, but the original computer name shows as unregistered in the correct AD Folder, where the replacement name shows only in ungrouped clients.

The IP Address show in the console matches that of the computer in DHCP, aling with the MAC Address.

A couple of the computers have only just been renamed\re-imaged, the rest have probably been there for a couple of months now.



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