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malwarebytes Firefox version is blocked Zemana download


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@exile360 that strange indeed ! I have to downloading the same "full version" for maybe 3 time and there is no any blocked at least on my END :) the only blocked occur on MY end is to "Zemana portable version"  . will check again and see how it goes with Zemana links !

On 2/17/2019 at 2:00 PM, GP45 said:

yep, u're right...using FF i got

Download blocked due
to reputation


@GP45 yes ! this one is blocked :)  here a screenshot



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I will post some more info with their downloads links

here a list of their downlaods links :

https://download.zemana.com/api/products/antimalware/beta (version 3 beta) is not blcoked 

https://d31a49a8t7vrb6.cloudfront.net/api/products/antimalware/?cid=3&dummyVer=2074664 (version 2 - full version) is not blcoked

https://www.zemana.com/download/antimalware/portable/Zemana.AntiMalware.Portable.exe (protable version 2) is blocked

or https://www.zemana.com/thank-you/download?source=download&ProductID=2&IsFree=False&IsPortable=False

or https://d31a49a8t7vrb6.cloudfront.net/api/products/antimalware-portable/?cid=3&dummyVer=2074664


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16 hours ago, rakeshsejwal said:

@Gt-truth can you please try again? I have fixed the whitelisting pattern. 

@rakeshsejwal yes , all downloads links are OK now . there’s no any blocks as of now ! so , I just to download the Zemana.portable.exe without any problem !  thanks


12 hours ago, exile360 said:

I just tested and the downloads are working for me now so I can confirm the fix, at least on my system/browsers (I tried both SRWare Iron (Chromium) and Firefox).

yes , all clears now ! even for me with the Firefox web browser ,

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