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Serious Issues with Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta


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Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta is consistently blocking legitimate commercial sites and downloads.  This is not acceptable.  Please repair. Thank You.

Examples that had to be reported and whitelisted.  Something is not working correctly with Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta

File blocked: http://www.draftinglib.com/supplement.html

Website blocked: https://www.aignes.info

File blocked: http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_1291474/release_tracking/retail/nitro_pro12.exe



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1 hour ago, Intrepid said:

Unfortunately, I had to uninstall Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta from all our browsers.  Far too many false positives as I mentioned and this one today: bostonifi.com 



Are you using the current version? Version1.0.38  No block for me.

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You may disable the clickbait blocking function alone while still retaining all of the protection offered by the other components/features, and the tech support scam blocking in this browser extension which is behavior based is particularly effective based on my own experience and testing since the extension was created.  Just left-click on the Malwarebytes icon at the top of your browser (assuming you have it displayed) and select Settings then uncheck the option circled in red in the below image and that should take care of it:


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18 minutes ago, exile360 said:

You may disable the clickbait blocking function alone while still retaining all of the protection offered by the other components/features

I knew I could do this and have done so.  However, I don't think I should have to do this.  Isn't the whole point to leave all the protections on?   I can't believe all the sites I had problems with had a clickbait problem.  Many were banks, stores, etc.  I think the extension is being way too aggressive in what it considers clickbait and blocks.

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32 minutes ago, Intrepid said:

For the 22 workstations I tested, I turned off clickbate completely.    The blocks are reputation blocks of legitimate commercial business sites.  Far too often and far too many.   Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta is not usable in the present state for our purposes. 

The extension is a BETA and I feel it is geared more for home users and not really in a business setting. 

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