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Privazer, damages the system?


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I had asked in this post but I was advised to address my request here.

I use Privazer software (donor version which has some extra features) to do maintenance on my Windows 10 1809 system.
I wanted to ask if you think the above application can damage my system, in which case I will remove it immediately.
I attach the Malwarebytes support tool log, performed after global update and complete scan with Malwarebytes, if needed.
Thanks to those who want to help me



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The reason why I used Privazer was mostly for privacy.
- Removes cookies for privacy, but keeping the useful ones
- Remove invalid links from the Start menu.
- Delete history of recent and temporary files in Office programs.
- Delete history of recent, temporary and useless files of programs installed on your PC.
- Cleans the image thumbnail cache
- Clear auto-complete history on web browsers.
- Remove site thumbnails
- Delete the Microsoft Games from the history
- Delete file of the previous Windows installation
- Recover space from Windows Update
- Clean up Windows Prefetch (only unnecessary items)
- Disable hibernation to gain disk space

In light of all that exposed what do you think?

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This program does what it says it does, its like CCleaner on steroids. I've tried it several times with no issues. Some find it overly aggressive though, in other words it may remove something that it shouldn't have such as a needed registry item. I wouldn't use it unless you are experienced enough to determine if a certain item should or should not be removed safely. In other words don't run this program blindly and delete everything it asks to. Safer option is CCleaner, best option is built in Windows tools.

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Thanks @digmorcrusher. I will follow your advice (not that of CCleaner because I have found on the Internet several articles concerning privacy management not really transparent) but to use only the tools integrated into the system (I will keep the portable version of Privazer for rare needs).

Thanks again

A greeting


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I was surprised to see CCleaner recommended in these posts. The reasons are numerous. For many years since it's creation it was a reliable and highly recommended application. Then it was purchased by Avast. That's when things went sour. Some problems were as follows. Without user permission Avast collected data. When users disabled data collection it would automatically be re-enabled. There was also the occurrence of malware being distributed when users downloaded CCleaner. Another issue was the program being updated despite users disabling this function. Within a short time the application went from highly trusted to, "don't touch with barge pole".

Apparently all the issues have been resolved. If users wish to trust a business and it's application that had such a poor record then it's there choice. I just feel that users, especially those visiting Malwarebytes Forum, should have some of the history of applications revealed to them so they can make a more informed choice as to whether or not to install an application or continue to use it if already installed.

Malwarebytes has itself set an example of trusting an application, or not, as many long term supporters of Malwarebytes will know.

Regarding Privazer, I've never had problems with it. Also, many claim that any such cleanup tools are unnecessary. Again, that's user choice. If I take my PC to a technician for repairs or upgrades, I like to know that I've at least done what I can to remove any personal information and data that a computer technician could easily gather and use or sell.

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