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Search query on databreaches.net resulted in FP?


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A site visitor to databreaches.net informs me that when she used the on-site search form to search for a breach at Pharmaca, her  MalwareBytes extension in Chrome blocked my site with a warning:



Website blocked due
to possible suspicious activity

We strongly recommend you do not visit this site.
Website blocked:


She reports she's using Malwarebytes Beta Extension Browser Version1.0.36 in Google Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build).

There's no reason that I can detect for that search to trigger a block or even a warning and my premium version of MalwareBytes doesn't detect any problems when I visit that url in Safari or Firefox.

 Can you please check from your end and whitelist my site if it needs whitelisting?  Clean scan results from virustotal.com attached. 

Thank you. 



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You moved my request from False Positives  to Beta Testing, but I am not beta testing and I don't want this lost as a request for prompt action.  I am a site owner asking MalwareBytes to correct itself so that my site visitors are not blocked or discouraged from visiting my site. 

Please respond and let me know that you have whitelisted my site or taken other steps to address this issue.   Thank you.

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It is important to have this reported here in order for it to get to the right team at Malwarebytes. The extension is still very much in beta, at least partly because of issues such as this. The False Positives forum is monitored by the team responsible for Malwarebytes production software which both analyses URL’s differently as well as maintain an entirely separate whitelist. I'm confident the correct staff member will be able to resolve this for you shortly.

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