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On 3/10/2019 at 8:41 PM, jansen said:

I have contacted through email with the developers of Videoder without answer. So I think they know it and their intentions seem dark to me

Hi @jansen,

The developers aren't necessarily at fault.  It's not uncommon to add an Ad SDK to an app to help create revenue when the app is freeI think BatMobi just started acting aggressively out of the blue.  This would explain why developers are unaware, and why many antimalware vendors don't detect.


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2 hours ago, mbam_mtbr said:

Hi @jansen,

The developers aren't necessarily at fault.  It's not uncommon to add an Ad SDK to an app to help create revenue when the app is freeI think BatMobi just started acting aggressively out of the blue.  This would explain why developers are unaware, and why many antimalware vendors don't detect.


I bought the premium version

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2 hours ago, mbam_mtbr said:

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still looking into all the many layers of this issue.  

Just wondering though, are people still having this issue?  It seems that for some it just went dark — suddenly no more ads.


Uninstalled Videoder 14.2 and no more ads 

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26 minutes ago, Lovehepburn said:

For me it disappeared suddenly about 2 weeks ago with no single issue since then. I never uninstalled Videoder or any other app.

 If you force close Videoder and you clear cache when you update apps it does not redirect to ads pages 

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Hello, well i guess the problem is solved now. Or ?

Malwarebytes for mobile, detect, after the last update, malware positions:


Five times.

Source was, this https://videoder.de.uptodown.com/android

But the name is diffrent, here the name on the Homepage is Videoder, an what you can download via android device is videoderbeta-1.apk, but in the version 14.2 from/by Rahul Verma . Strange.

Test enviroment, was by me a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (GT-i8200N), with Android 4.2.2 Os, rooted !

Well, is this problem/infection realy solved now ?





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On 3/12/2019 at 10:27 AM, Lovehepburn said:

In a recent discovery, Check Point Research has come across a massive mobile adware campaign that has already delivered an eye-watering 147 million downloads across almost 210 infected apps on the Google Play Store. Dubbed ‘SimBad’, due to most of the infected apps being simulator games, the worldwide campaign makes use of the phone unbearable by displaying countless ads outside of the application, with no visible way to uninstall the incriminating apps.


In a recent discovery, Check Point Research has come across a massive mobile adware campaign that has already delivered an eye-watering 147 million downloads across almost 210 infected apps on the Google Play Store. Dubbed ‘SimBad’, due to most of the infected apps being simulator games, the worldwide campaign makes use of the phone unbearable by displaying countless ads outside of the application, with no visible way to uninstall the incriminating apps.



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Appendix 1 – List of Infected Applications:

Package NameApp Name# Installs

com.heavy.excavator.simulator.driveandtransportSnow Heavy Excavator Simulator10,000,000

com.hoverboard.racing.speed.simulatorHoverboard Racing5,000,000

com.zg.real.tractor.farming.simulator.gameReal Tractor Farming Simulator5,000,000

com.ambulancerescue.driving.simulatorAmbulance Rescue Driving5,000,000

com.heavymountain.bus2018simulatorHeavy Mountain Bus Simulator 20185,000,000

com.firetruckemergency.driverFire Truck Emergency Driver5,000,000

com.farming.tractor.realharvest.simulatorFarming Tractor Real Harvest Simulator5,000,000

com.carparking.challenge.parksimulatorCar Parking Challenge5,000,000

com.speedboat.jetski.racing.simulatorSpeed Boat Jet Ski Racing5,000,000

com.watersurfing.carstunt.racing.simulatorWater Surfing Car Stunt5,000,000

com.offroad.woodtransport.truckdriverOffroad Wood Transport Truck Driver 20185,000,000

com.volumen.booster.equalizerVolumen booster & Equalizer5,000,000

com.ks.prado.Car.parking.race.drive.appsPrado Parking Adventure5,000,000

com.zg.offroad.Oil.tanker.transporter.truck.cargo.simulatorOil Tanker Transport Truck Driver5,000,000

com.monstertruck.demolitionMonster Truck Demolition1,000,000

com.hummerlimotaxi.simulator.drivingHummer taxi limo simulator1,000,000

com.excavator.wreckingball.demolition.simulatorExcavator Wrecking Ball Demolition Simulator1,000,000

com.offroad.gold.transport.truckOffroad Gold Transport Truck Driver 20181,000,000

com.sea.animals.trucktransport.simulatorSea Animals Truck Transport Simulator1,000,000

com.water.surfingrace.motorbike.stuntWater Surfing Motorbike Stunt1,000,000

com.policechase.thiefpersecutionPolice Chase1,000,000

com.police.plane.transporter.gamePolice Plane Transporter1,000,000

com.ambulance.driver.extreme.rescue.simulatorAmbulance Driver Extreme Rescue1,000,000

com.hovercraftracer.speedracing.boatHovercraft Racer1,000,000

com.cars.transport.truckdriver.simulatorCars Transport Truck Driver 20181,000,000

com.motorbike.pizza.delivery.drivesimulatorMotorbike Pizza Delivery1,000,000

com.heavy.excavator.stonecutter.simulatorHeavy Excavator – Stone Cutter Simulator1,000,000

com.bottle.shoot.archery.gameBottle shoot archery1,000,000

com.offroadbuggy.car.racingsimulatorOffroad buggy car racing1,000,000

com.garbagetruck.city.trash.cleaningsimulatorGarbage Truck – City trash cleaning simulator1,000,000

com.tanks.attack.simulator.war.attackTanks Attack1,000,000

com.dinosaurpark.trainrescueDinosaur Park – Train Rescue1,000,000

com.pirateshipboat.racing3d.simulatorPirate Ship Boat Racing 3D1,000,000

com.flyingtaxi.simulator.raceFlying taxi simulator1,000,000

com.jetpackinwater.racersimualtor.dangerJetpack Water1,000,000

com.boostervolumen.amplifiersoundandvolumenVolumen Booster1,000,000

com.farmgames.animal.farming.simulatorAnimal Farming Simulator1,000,000

com.monstertruck.racing.competition.simulatorMonster Truck1,000,000

com.simulator.offroadjeep.car.racingOffroad jeep car racing1,000,000

com.simulator.flyingcar.stunt.extremetracks.racingFlying Car Stunts On Extreme Tracks1,000,000

com.simulator.tractorfarming.drivingTractor Farming 20181,000,000

com.impossible.farming.transport.simulatorImpossible Farming Transport Simulator1,000,000

com.volumenbooster.equalizerboostVolumen Booster1,000,000

com.mustang.rally.championship.racingsimulatorMustang Rally Championship1,000,000

com.deleted.photo.recoveryDeleted Photo Recovery1,000,000

com.race.boat.speedySpeed Boat Racing1,000,000

com.cycle.bike.racing.gameSuper Cycle Jungle Rider1,000,000

com.write.name.live.wallpaper.hdMy name on Live Wallpaper1,000,000

com.maginal.unicorn.gameMagical Unicorn Dash1,000,000

com.grafton.cycle.jungle.rider.raceSuper Cycle Jungle Rider1,000,000

com.lovecallingapps.lovecaller.ScreenLove Caller Screen1,000,000

com.city.car.funny.racing.stunt.game.proRacing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks1,000,000

com.citycar.funny.racinggame.stunt.simulatorRacing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks 21,000,000

com.urban.Limo.taxi.simulation.gamesUrban Limo Taxi Simulator1,000,000

com.cg.heavy.tractor.simulator.gameTractor Farming Simulator1,000,000

com.campervan.drivingsimulator.caravanCamper Van Driving1,000,000

com.bootleshoot.sniperBottle Shoot Sniper 3D1,000,000

com.globalcoporation.fullscreenincomingcaller.appFull Screen Incoming Call1,000,000

com.mustache.beard.editorBeard mustache hairstyle changer Editor1,000,000

com.volumenbooster.increaservolumenVolumen Booster1,000,000

com.photoeditor.girlfriend.addgirlstophoto.picgirlfriend photo editor1,000,000

com.tracker.location.number.free.spyMobile Number Tracker & Locator1,000,000

com.garden.editor.appGarden Photo Editor1,000,000

com.fortunewheel.gameFortune Wheel1,000,000

com.farming.transport.tractor.simulatorFarming Transport Simulator 20181,000,000

com.offroad.tractor.transport.drivingsimulatorOffRoad Tractor Transport1,000,000

com.customwallpaper.mynameonlivewallpapermy name on live wallpaper1,000,000

com.flying.ambulance.emergency.rescue.simulatorFlying Ambulance Emergency Rescue500,000

com.mustang.driving.car.raceMustang Driving Car Race500,000

com.waterpark.carracing.simulatorWaterpark Car Racing500,000

com.impossibletrucks.extremetrucks.simulatorImpossible Tracks – Extreme Trucks500,000

com.extreme.flying.motorbike.stuntsimulatorFlying Motorbike Stunts500,000

com.emergency.firetruck.rescue.drivingsimulatorFire Truck Emergency Rescue – Driving Simulator500,000

com.snowplow.simulator.heavysnow.excavatorHeavy Snow Excavator Snowplow Simulator500,000

com.waterskiing.simulator.gamesWater Skiing500,000

com.photomaker.editor.women.makeupandhairstyleWomen Make Up and Hairstyle Photo Maker500,000

com.fortune.mountainMountain Bus Simulator500,000

com.vanpizza.truckdelivery.simulatorVan Pizza500,000

com.truck.simulator.transportandparkingTruck Transport and Parking Simulator500,000

com.hoverboard.racing.spider.attacksimulatorHoverboard Racing Spider Attack500,000

com.moto.sport.championship.racingsimulatorMotorsport Race Championship500,000

com.demolitionderby.simulatorDemolition Derby500,000

com.lovecaller.free.loveringtonesLove Caller with love ringtones500,000

com.house.transport.truck.movingvan.simulatorHouse Transport Truck – Moving Van Simulator500,000

com.heavy.excavator.simulator.stonedrillerHeavy Excavator Stone Driller Simulator500,000

com.cycle.downhill.gameSuper Cycle Downhill Rider500,000

com.extreme.rallychampionship.raceExtreme Rally Championship500,000

com.missileattack.army.truckMissile Attack Army Truck500,000

com.mobile.caller.location.tracker.freecallCaller Location & Mobile Location Tracker500,000

com.mobilenumberlocator.trackerMobile number locator500,000

com.mynameonlivewallpaper.animated.hdMy name on Live Wallpaper500,000

com.spk.coach.offroad.School.bus.mountain.freeCity Metro Bus Pk Driver Simulator 2017500,000

com.fullscreen.incomingcaller.appFull Screen Incoming Call500,000

com.allsuit.man.casualshirt.photo.editorMan Casual Shirt Photo Suit500,000

com.americanmuscle.car.raceAmerican muscle car race500,000

com.offroad.nuclearwastetransport.truckdriverOffroad Nuclear Waste Transport – Truck Driver500,000

com.madcars.fury.racing.driving.simulatorMad Cars Fury Racing100,000

com.high.wheeler.speed.race.championshipHigh Wheeler Speed Race100,000

com.colorbynumber.number.coloring.paint.gameNumber Coloring100,000

com.campervan.race.driving.simulator.gameCamper Van Race Driving Simulator 2018100,000

com.unicornfloat.speedrace.simulatorUnicorn Float – Speed Race100,000

com.dualscreenbrowserDual Screen Browser100,000

com.harvest.timber.simulatorandtransportHarvest Timber Simulator100,000

com.racingsimulator.hot.micro.racersHot Micro Racers100,000

com.lara.unicorn.dash.magical.raider.raceLara Unicorn Dash100,000

com.wingsuit.simulator.extremeWingsuit Simulator100,000

com.foodtruck.driving.simulatorFood Truck Driving Simulator100,000

com.dograce.competitionDog Race Simulator100,000

com.suvcar.parking.simulator.gameSUV car – parking simulator100,000

com.clap.phonefinder.locatorPhone Finder100,000

com.phonenumerlocator.findphonenumbersPhone number locator100,000

com.whatsapplock.gallerylock.ninexsoftech.lockGallery Lock100,000

com.secret.screenrecorder.screenshotrecordSecret screen recorder100,000

com.facebeauty.makeupFace Beauty Makeup100,000

com.write.your.christmas.letter.santa.threewisemenChristmas letters to santa and three wise man100,000

com.deletedfiles.photo.audio.video.recoveryDeleted Files recovery100,000

com.screndualbrowserdouble.app.androidDual Screen Browser100,000

com.crack.mobile.screen.prankBroken Screen – Cracked Screen100,000

photoeditor.Garden.photoframeGarden Photo Editor100,000

com.modiphotoframe.editorModi Photo Frame 2100,000

com.callerscreen.lovecallerLove Caller Screen100,000

com.antitheftalarm.fullbatteryalarm.soundAnti Theft & Full Battery Alarm100,000

com.lovecaller.screen.customLove Caller Screen 2100,000

com.sms.message.voice.readingVoice reading for SMS. Whatsapp & text sms100,000

com.photo.text.editor.nameonpicName on Pic-Name art100,000

com.mtsfreegames.SpeedboatracingSpeed Boat Racing100,000

com.simulator.traindrivingTrain Driving Simulator100,000

com.grafton.Cycle.jungle.riderSuper Cycle Rider100,000

com.gl.racinghorse.competitionRacing Horse Championship 3D100,000

moveapptosd.tosdcard.freeappMove App To SD Card 2016100,000

com.avatarmaker.poptoy.creatorPop Toy Creator100,000

com.myphoto.live.wallpaper.editorPhoto Live Wallpaper50,000

com.messenger2.play.game.UnicorndashkMagical Unicorn Dash50,000

com.truck.wheelofdeathTruck Wheel of Death50,000

com.livetranslator.translateinliveLive Translator50,000

com.volumecontrol.widget.volumeboosterVolume Control Widget50,000

com.worldcup2018football.shirt.maker.photoeditorWorld cup 2018 football shirt maker50,000

com.girlfriendphotoeditor.girlsinyourphotoGirlfriend Photo Editor 250,000

com.myphoto.on.musicplayer.freeMy Photo on Music Player50,000


com.garden.photoeditor.photoframeGarden Photo Editor50,000

com.fortunewheel.deluxeFortune Wheel Deluxe50,000

com.motorcycle.extremeracing.simulatorExtreme Motorcycle Racer50,000

com.offroad.snow.bike.christmas.racingOffroad Snow Bike – Christmas Racing50,000

com.Droidhermes.bottleninjaBottle Shoot50,000

com.Hadiikhiya.photochangebackgroundPhoto Background Changer 201750,000

com.offroad.christmas.treetransport.truck.driversimulatorOffroad Christmas Tree Transport50,000

com.tank.transport.armytruck.simulatorTank Transport Army Truck50,000

com.flagteams.facepaint.editor.world2018cupFlag face paint: World Cup 201810,000

com.russianworld2018cup.livewallpaper.flagsteamWorld Cup 2018 Teams Flags Live Wallpaper10,000

com.editor.selfie.camera.photoSelfie Camera10,000

com.desirepk.Offroad.transport.simulator.appsMissile Attack Army Truck10,000

massimo.Vidlan.maxplayerMax Player10,000

com.flashalerts.callandsmsFlash Alert – Flash on Call10,000

com.photovideo.maker.withmusicPhoto Video Maker with Music10,000

com.braingames.iqtest.skillsBrain Games & IQ Test10,000

com.mix.audio.and.videoAudio Video Mixer10,000

com.poptoy.creator.edityourpoptoyPop Toy Creator 210,000

com.flashalert.callandsmsFlash on Call and SMS10,000

com.photoframe.of.heartHeart Photo Frames10,000

com.shayari.hindi.status.photo.textShayari 201710,000

com.happy.photo.birthday.cakePhoto on Birthday Cake10,000

com.photoeditor.nature.photoframesNature Photo Frames10,000

com.photoframe.calendar2018editorCalendar 2018 Photo Frame10,000

com.christmas.truck.transportsimulator.gameChristmas Truck Transport Simulator10,000

com.christmas.vandrive.modern.santaModern Santa – Christmas van drive10,000

com.anbrothers.voicechanger.appChange your voice10,000

com.monsters.vs.water.duelMoster vs Water10,000

com.flowers.editor.photo.frameEDIT Flowers Photo Frames10,000

videoeditor.musicvideo.Phototovideomaker.videoeditorPhoto Video Maker with Music10,000

com.racing.games.toiletpaper.raceToilet Paper Race10,000

com.Zv.puppiesdog.racegameDog Crazy Race Simulator10,000

com.luxury.photo.frame.photo.editorLuxury Photo Frame10,000

com.bike.wheelofdeathBike Wheel of Death10,000

com.qbesoft.worldfamousphotoframes.appWorld Famous Photo Frames10,000

com.heavysnowexcavator.christmas.rescueHeavy Snow Excavator Christmas Rescue10,000

com.syor.deleted.photo.recovery.video.restoreDeleted Files Recovery10,000

com.footballanalyzer.resultsandstatsFootball Results & Stats Analyzer5,000

com.photoframe.cube3d.live.wallpaper.hd3D Photo Frame Cube Live Wallpaper5,000

com.photoframe.geenhillGreen Hill PhotoFrame5,000

com.christmas.magnetic.magicboard.drawandwriteChristmas Magic Board5,000

com.animalspart.photo.editorAnimal Parts Photo Editor5,000

com.camera.blur.photoeffectsDSLR Camera Blur5,000

com.quick.photo.frame.carphotoframeCar Photo Frame5,000

com.game.handsslap.manitascalientes.redhandsHands Slap Game5,000

com.maa.durga.live.wallpaper4D Maa Durga Live Wallpaper5,000

com.photomontage.men.sweatshirt.editorMen Sweatshirt Photo Editor1,000

com.wordsgame.connectlettersConnect Letters. Words Game1,000

lanas.recover.deleted.pictures.photosRecover Deleted Pictures1,000

com.customized.radio.alarm.clockCustom Radio Alarm Clock1,000

com.antispamcalls.blockspamcallerAnti-spam Calls1,000

com.compatibilitytest.friends.couplesCompatibility Test1,000

com.dualscreen.android.app.doubleDual Screen Browser1,000

com.magic.glow.livewallpaper.animatedwallpaperMagic Glow Live Wallpaper1,000

com.game.virtualpet.porgyPorgy Virtual Pet1,000

com.explosiongame.taptheballTap the Ball1,000

com.analog.digital.clock.live.wallpaperClock Live Wallpaper1,000

com.royalestas.informationRoyale Stats1,000

com.editor.firetext.photo.frameFire text photo frame1,000

editor.card.greetings.christmas.com.christmasgreetingscardChristmas greetings card1,000

com.bestappsco.bestapplock.freeBest App Lock1,000

com.DJ.photoframe.editorDJ Photo Frames1,000

com.autocall.redial.automatic.recallAuto Call redial500

com.picquiz.guess.picture.gameGuess the picture500





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Hello, just to let you all know i had this problem for a very long time too finally i used the Ad Detect Plugin app from AIO to find the infected app which was the Skillz app in my case, popups completely disappeared after uninstalling this app 

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21 hours ago, Edwyn said:

Hello, just to let you all know i had this problem for a very long time too finally i used the Ad Detect Plugin app from AIO to find the infected app which was the Skillz app in my case, popups completely disappeared after uninstalling this app 

thats app you mention from chinese... i just couldnt trust them. you can visit their official site. no company address 

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  • Staff

Hi @Lines, @kirklaz, and anyone else with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5,

I found two apps preinstalled on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 with BatMobi within the apps.  The apps are:

com.mi.android.globalpersonalassistant | App vault 
com.android.providers.downloads.ui | Downloads

If you are still having issues with Ads in Google PLAY, you can use this method to uninstall for current user (details in link below):


Warning: Make sure to read Restoring apps onto the device (without factory reset) in the rare case you need to revert/restore app.

Use this/these command(s) during step 7 under Uninstalling Adups via ADB command line to remove:

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.mi.android.globalpersonalassistant
adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.providers.downloads.ui


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I had this issue since a month where a full screen Ads from YMGT.xyz shows every time and then. I tried many tools and i deleted all the apps that i recently installed but with no luck..!

Yesterday and during google search for an ultimate fix, i found the below link and it was really the one I am looking for.
After applying all the steps, i was surprised that the app causes the problem is: ai.type keyboard which i had used for years and never suspect about. Now it is almost 72 hours since i deleted it and since then no more annoying Ads.


Note: my device is Galaxy Note 8

hope this helps..

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Not sure if anyone else experienced this, but it stopped happening for me around March, even though I never found the culprit.  In June, it started back up again with sites game-news.top and sport-news.icu this time.  It stopped again on its own after 2-3 weeks.

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