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Database Failure?


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I do a lot a testing with various security products and it seems that several tech support scam sites that were blocked by your extension, are no longer blocked.

For example: hxxp://247techies.com, and hxxp://365techcare.com

I believe they were were added recently and were indeed blocked up until a few days ago.


Sites that have been listed a long time ago are still blocked, such as:



I'm not sure if this is something to do with a database, DNS, or something on my end (although I tested this on multiple computers), but I figured it would be something worth bringing to your attention.


Thanks for your time.

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2 hours ago, rakeshsejwal said:

are you using any additional malware/scam blocker application on Android? 

I initially noticed this issue on Firefox for Android, on my tablet. I then tried it on my phone, which had the same issue. I've always had Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, and the Comodo add-ons and it has never been an issue.

I decided to validate this issue by trying Malwarebytes by itself, and then again inside of an Android sandbox, which also carries the same issue where those two sites appear not to be blocked; however, MyPhoneSupport still was still blocked as fraud.

This issue seemed to occur after the add-on update from 1.0.32 to 1.0.38.

It doesn't seem to carry the issue for the Firefox Desktop.

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So it appears that hxxp://247techiesca.com is blocked just fine; however, hxxp://247techies.com is not. I'm still not sure what the cause of this is.

Ignore the website looking destroyed, as that is caused by my Firewall blocking rules. No it doesn't interfere with the Malwarebytes extension, as the same result would apply with the 247techiesca.com website, if it wasn't blocked.

hxxp://365techcare.com still lets me right through as well.

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